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VDP Calculator Online

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Diving into the world of thermodynamics and gases, we often encounter various principles and laws that govern their behavior. One such aspect is calculating Van der Waals pressure or VdP. Our handy calculator aids in these computations, providing a user-friendly tool for both students and professionals in the field.


The Van der Waals Pressure Calculator, belonging to the physics and chemistry calculator category, is an online tool used to determine the pressure of real gases. It employs the Van der Waals equation, which accounts for the finite size and intermolecular attractions of the particles.

How Does the Calculator Work?

Operating our calculator is a breeze. Simply input your given variables: the number of moles (n), temperature (T), volume (V), and the Van der Waals constants (a and b). Upon clicking ‘Calculate’, the program uses the Van der Waals equation to calculate the pressure exerted by the gas. For your convenience, a ‘Reset’ button is also provided to clear all inputs.

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Van der Waals Pressure Equation and Variables

The calculator utilizes the Van der Waals equation: [P = nRT/(V-nb) – an²/V²]. Here, ‘P’ represents the pressure, ‘n’ the number of moles, ‘R’ the ideal gas constant (8.314 J/(mol·K)), ‘T’ the temperature in Kelvin, ‘V’ the volume, and ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the Van der Waals constants for the gas. These constants account for the real gas’s intermolecular attractions and the finite size of its particles, respectively.

Calculating VDP

Let’s walk through a simple example. Suppose we have 2 moles of a gas at a temperature of 300K in a 10m³ container. The Van der Waals constants are a=1.36 and b=0.031. By inputting these values into our calculator, it instantly provides us the pressure exerted by the gas.

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Physics and Chemistry

The calculation of Van der Waals pressure is vital in understanding the behavior of gases in both physics and chemistry. It assists in solving real-world problems involving gas laws.


In thermodynamics, it’s crucial to compute VdP when analyzing the properties and transformation of heat into work.


What does the Van der Waals Pressure Calculator calculate?

The Van der Waals Pressure Calculator computes the pressure of a real gas using the Van der Waals equation. It takes into account the finite size and intermolecular attractions of the gas particles, unlike the ideal gas law.


Understanding the behavior of real gases can be complex, but the Van der Waals Pressure Calculator simplifies this process, enabling accurate calculations of pressure based on specific inputs. It’s an essential tool for students and professionals, aiding in solving problems and advancing scientific knowledge.

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