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PFIC Status Calculator Online

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The PFIC Status calculator is a valuable tool for individuals and corporations with foreign investments. It serves a crucial role in determining whether an entity falls under the PFIC classification. But what exactly is a PFIC, and how does this calculator work?

Formula of PFIC Status Calculator

Income Test: If at least 75% of an entity’s gross income is derived from passive income in a given tax year, the corporation is categorized as a PFIC.

Asset Test: If at least 50% of an entity’s assets produce passive income or are held for the production of passive income, it is also considered a PFIC.

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In essence, the PFIC Status calculator quantifies an entity’s passive income and asset allocation to establish its PFIC status.

General Terms Table

Before delving deeper into the mechanics of the PFIC Status calculator, let’s first provide a quick reference table for commonly searched terms. This will help readers gain a better understanding without having to calculate each time:

Passive IncomeIncome generated from investments, not active business operations.
PFICPassive Foreign Investment Company – a tax classification for foreign entities.
Gross IncomeTotal income before expenses.
Asset AllocationDistribution of assets among different categories.
Tax YearA specific period for which taxes are calculated.
Tax ClassificationCategorization of an entity for tax purposes.

Example of PFIC Status Calculator

Let’s walk through an example to illustrate how the PFIC Status calculator works in practice:

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Scenario: ABC Corporation is a foreign entity with $100,000 in gross income and $80,000 of it is derived from passive sources, such as investments. ABC Corporation also has $150,000 in total assets, with $75,000 allocated to passive investments.

By applying the calculator’s formula, we find that ABC Corporation meets both the Income Test and Asset Test criteria. Consequently, ABC Corporation qualifies as a PFIC.

Most Common FAQs

1. What are the consequences of PFIC status?

Answer: PFICs are subject to complex tax rules that can result in higher tax liabilities for shareholders, reporting requirements, and potentially punitive taxes.

3. How does PFIC status affect my tax return?

Answer: PFIC income is taxed differently, potentially resulting in a higher tax rate. Compliance with IRS reporting requirements is essential.

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