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Capability Index Calculator Online

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The Capability Index Calculator is a valuable tool used in various industries to evaluate the capability of a process to meet specified requirements or standards. It measures the potential of a process to produce output within predetermined limits. This calculator helps in assessing the performance of a process concerning upper and lower specification limits, providing an insight into the process’s efficiency and reliability.

Formula of Capability Index Calculator

The Capability Index (Cpk) is calculated using the following formula:

Cpk = Min((USL - μ) / (3σ), (μ - LSL) / (3σ))


  • Cpk represents the capability index.
  • USL signifies the upper specification limit, denoting the highest acceptable value.
  • LSL denotes the lower specification limit, representing the lowest acceptable value.
  • μ stands for the mean or average of the process.
  • σ indicates the standard deviation of the process.
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This formula allows businesses to gauge how well their processes are performing within the defined limits, providing insights into the process’s efficiency and consistency.

General Terms and Conversion Table

For ease of use, providing a table of frequently searched general terms related to the Capability Index Calculator, such as terms used in calculations or relevant conversions, can be beneficial. This table can act as a quick reference guide, aiding individuals in understanding and utilizing the calculator more effectively.

USLUpper Specification Limit
LSLLower Specification Limit
μ (Mean)Average of the process
σ (Standard Deviation)Measure of process variability
CpkCapability Index

This table serves as a convenient reference point for users seeking clarification on specific terms related to the Capability Index Calculator.

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Example of Capability Index Calculator

Suppose a manufacturing unit aims to produce bolts with a diameter ranging between 10mm and 12mm. The Capability Index Calculator assists in determining the capability of the production process to meet these specifications. If the mean diameter is 11mm with a standard deviation of 0.2mm, the Cpk value indicates how well the manufacturing process adheres to the specified limits.

Most Common FAQs

How is Cpk interpreted?

A Cpk value of 1 signifies that the process is capable of meeting specifications, while higher values denote higher process capability. Values below 1 may indicate a need for process improvement.

Can Cpk be greater than 2?

Yes, a Cpk greater than 2 indicates excellent process capability, suggesting minimal variation from specifications.

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