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Auto Fringe Benefit Calculator Online

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Fringe benefits are a form of compensation given to an employee outside of their standard salary. These can be things like company-provided cars, housekeeper, education assistance, health insurance, etc. Specifically, an Auto Fringe Benefit is a benefit an employee or an associate of the employee receives from the use of a car that belongs to the employer. In this article, we will explore the Auto Fringe Benefit calculation, the formula used, and provide an illustrative example.

What is Auto Fringe Benefit Calculation?

Auto fringe benefit calculation is a method used by employers to determine the value of a company-provided vehicle’s personal usage for an employee. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers personal use of a company vehicle to be a noncash fringe benefit, and as such, it is taxable and must be reported.

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The calculation of the auto fringe benefit is not straightforward; it considers several factors such as the base value of the car, the days of private use, and any employee contributions.

Formula for Auto Fringe Benefit Calculation

There are multiple ways to calculate Auto Fringe Benefits. However, a common method often used involves the following parameters:

  • Base Value of the Car (BV)
  • Days of Private Use (DP)
  • Employee Contributions (EC)

The formula for the auto fringe benefit calculation could be:

Auto Fringe Benefit = (BV * DP - EC) / 365

It’s important to note that this is a simplified formula. Regulations in your jurisdiction might have different formulas, potentially more complex, taking into account other factors such as the nature of the use, the type of vehicle, depreciation, and more.

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Example of Auto Fringe Benefit Calculation

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Consider an employee who has been provided a company car with a base value of $30,000. The car was used for private purposes for 100 days in the year, and the employee made a contribution of $1,000 during the year.

Using the formula above, the Auto Fringe Benefit would be calculated as follows:

Auto Fringe Benefit = (($30,000 * 100) - $1,000) / 365 = $7,945 approximately.

This result means that the employee would have to report $7,945 as a taxable fringe benefit for their personal use of the company car.


Understanding the auto fringe benefit calculation is essential for both employers and employees to ensure compliance with tax regulations. It’s important to remember that tax laws can be complex and vary from place to place, so always consult with a tax professional or your local tax authority to understand fully how fringe benefits should be calculated and reported.

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