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Pholus Astrology Calculator Online

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Astrology is a captivating field, and in the quest to understand more about ourselves, celestial bodies like Pholus have gained recognition. This article introduces the Pholus Astrology Calculator, an intuitive tool to help you discover Pholus’ significance in your horoscope.

Definition of Pholus in Astrology

Pholus is a centaur planet, discovered in 1992. In astrology, it represents a catalyst for profound transformation and enlightening revelations. It’s often related to small things that have a substantial impact, leading to irreversible changes.

How Does the Pholus Astrology Calculator Work?

The Pholus Astrology Calculator calculates Pholus’ position in your natal chart. By inputting your birth date, time, and location, it determines Pholus’ astrological influence at the moment of your birth.

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The Formula and Variable Description for the Pholus Astrology Calculator

Astrological computations are complex and require precise astronomical data. The formula is based on the celestial longitude, latitude, and your geographical location at birth. The calculation involves Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and elements of spherical astronomy.

Example of Pholus Astrology Calculator Use

To use the calculator, let’s take the birth data of a hypothetical person born on April 1, 1990, at 3:45 PM, in New York. Enter these details into the respective fields and click “Calculate”. The result reveals Pholus’ position, further interpreted by an astrologer.

Applications of the Pholus Astrology Calculator

The Pholus Astrology Calculator serves as an insightful tool in astrological readings, aiding astrologers and astrology enthusiasts alike. It’s applicable in natal astrology, synastry, and predictive astrology. It illuminates the transformative potentials within an individual’s chart.

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Most Common FAQs

What does Pholus represent in astrology?

Pholus represents sudden transformations triggered by minor events. It uncovers buried truths, leading to powerful revelations.

How is the Pholus Astrology Calculator used?

Enter your birth details – date, time, and location – in the calculator, which calculates Pholus’ position in your natal chart.

Can I use the Pholus Astrology Calculator without knowledge in astrology?

Yes, but for a comprehensive interpretation of the results, consult an astrologer.


The Pholus Astrology Calculator is a fascinating tool that brings the transformative power of Pholus to your fingertips. By unraveling the profound revelations of this minor planet, you gain deeper insights into your astrological journey.

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