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RC Rollout Calculator Online

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The RC Rollout Calculator is a valuable tool that helps you determine the distance your RC vehicle will travel for each full rotation of its wheels. In simple terms, it calculates how far your vehicle moves with one complete turn of the wheels. This may not seem significant at first, but it plays a vital role in achieving the desired speed and performance of your RC vehicle.

The Formula of RC Rollout Calculator

To comprehend how the RC Rollout Calculator works, you need to understand the underlying formula:

Rollout = (Circumference × Pinion) / (Spur × Drive Ratio)

Let’s break down the elements:

  • Rollout: This is the distance your RC vehicle covers with one full wheel rotation.
  • Circumference: The measurement of the wheel’s outer edge, typically in meters.
  • Pinion: The number of teeth on the pinion gear.
  • Spur: The number of teeth on the spur gear.
  • Drive Ratio: This represents the ratio of pinion teeth to spur teeth, a critical factor in RC vehicle performance.

By inputting these values into the calculator, you can accurately determine your RC vehicle’s rollout, helping you optimize its performance.

General Terms Table

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a table of general terms that RC enthusiasts often search for. These terms are essential in understanding and utilizing the RC Rollout Calculator effectively.

RolloutDistance traveled in one wheel rotation.
CircumferenceOuter measurement of the wheel.
PinionNumber of teeth on the pinion gear.
SpurNumber of teeth on the spur gear.
Drive RatioRatio of pinion teeth to spur teeth.

This table will be a helpful reference when working with the calculator.

Example of RC Rollout Calculator

To illustrate how to use the RC Rollout Calculator, let’s consider a practical example. Imagine you have an RC vehicle with the following specifications:

  • Circumference: 0.2 meters
  • Pinion: 18 teeth
  • Spur: 72 teeth
  • Drive Ratio: 3.5

Now, you can apply the formula:

Rollout = (0.2 × 18) / (72 × 3.5) = 0.257 meters (approximately)

This means that for each full rotation of the wheels, your RC vehicle will travel approximately 0.257 meters. This information is valuable for fine-tuning your setup and achieving the desired performance.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is RC rollout, and why is it important?

RC rollout is the distance your RC vehicle travels with one complete wheel rotation. It’s crucial because it directly impacts your vehicle’s speed and overall performance.

2. How do I measure wheel circumference accurately?

To measure wheel circumference accurately, take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the outer edge of the wheel, making sure it’s snug. Measure the length in meters.

3. What factors can affect RC rollout values?

Various factors can influence RC rollout, including tire wear, tire size, and variations in gear ratios.

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