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Anamorphic Calculator Online

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Anamorphosis, a fascinating principle employed in cinematography and photography, expands the scope of artistic expression. The technique, central to the creation of unique and captivating visuals, relies on a vital tool – the Anamorphic Calculator.


The Anamorphic Calculator is a crucial tool for filmmakers and photographers, assisting in determining the optimal settings for anamorphic lenses. It accurately computes the vertical field of view based on focal length and the squeeze factor of the lens, thereby enabling the creation of stunning anamorphic shots.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The Anamorphic Calculator operates on a straightforward principle. It requires the user to input the focal length of the lens and its squeeze factor. The focal length refers to the distance from the lens to the camera sensor, while the squeeze factor indicates the degree of compression applied by the anamorphic lens. On pressing calculate, the calculator swiftly processes the data and presents the precise vertical field of view.

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The Anamorphic Calculator Formula and Variable Descriptions

At the core of the Anamorphic Calculator is a simple formula:

Vertical Field of View = Focal Length / Squeeze Factor.

Here, the ‘Focal Length’ is the measure of how strongly the lens converges or diverges light, given in millimeters. The ‘Squeeze Factor’ is a measure of the extra width the anamorphic lens captures.


For instance, if you input a focal length of 50mm and a squeeze factor of 2.0 into the Anamorphic Calculator, it will quickly compute a vertical field of view of 25mm, aiding in achieving your desired cinematographic effect.



In the domain of filmmaking, the Anamorphic Calculator is instrumental in planning shots and understanding how different lenses will affect the final product.

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Photographers also benefit from this tool, using it to figure out the optimal settings for creating stunning anamorphic portraits or landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Squeeze Factor?

The squeeze factor of an anamorphic lens refers to how much additional width the lens can capture compared to a standard lens. It is a crucial factor in achieving the desired anamorphic effect.

How does the Anamorphic Calculator aid in filmmaking?

The Anamorphic Calculator helps filmmakers by determining the vertical field of view based on the focal length and squeeze factor of the lens. This enables them to plan their shots effectively and achieve their desired visual effects.

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In the world of visual storytelling, the Anamorphic Calculator is an invaluable tool. It deciphers the intricate relationship between focal length and squeeze factor, providing artists with a clear understanding of how their lenses will perform. In this era of digital artistry, mastering such tools can significantly elevate one’s work and contribute to the enchanting realm of anamorphic visuals.

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