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GPM to GPA Calculator Online

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The GPM to GPA Calculator serves as a valuable tool for agricultural and irrigation purposes, facilitating the conversion between Gallons Per Minute (GPM) and Gallons Per Acre (GPA). By inputting the GPM, which represents the flow rate of liquid, and the acreage where the application will occur, individuals can calculate the volume of liquid required per acre.

Formula of GPM to GPA Calculator

The formula used for the GPM to GPA conversion is:

GPA = (GPM * 1440) / Acreage


  • GPA stands for Gallons Per Acre.
  • GPM refers to Gallons Per Minute.
  • Acreage indicates the total number of acres where the GPM will be applied.
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This calculation assists in determining the necessary volume of liquid (in gallons) to cover a specific area efficiently.

Useful General Terms

GPMGallons Per Minute, representing flow rate
GPAGallons Per Acre, indicating liquid volume per acre
AcreageTotal land area in acres to be covered

Example of GPM to GPA Calculator

Consider a scenario where an individual intends to irrigate a 10-acre field using a pump with a flow rate of 20 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). Plugging these values into the GPM to GPA formula:

GPA = (20 GPM * 1440 minutes) / 10 acres GPA = 28,800 / 10 GPA = 2,880 gallons per acre (GPA)

This demonstrates that for this specific situation, the required liquid volume per acre equals 2,880 gallons.

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Most Common FAQs

Q: How do I determine the GPM for my irrigation system?

A: To find the GPM, you can use a flow meter or refer to the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the pump or irrigation system.

Q: Why is calculating GPA important for agricultural practices?

A: Calculating GPA is crucial as it helps optimize the distribution of water or liquid fertilizers, ensuring efficient use and preventing over or under-application.

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