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Corn Drydown Calculator Online

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Corn harvesting involves strategic planning and precise timing. One of the most crucial factors influencing this timing is the moisture content of the corn. This blog post will introduce you to the Corn Drydown Calculator, a beneficial tool for estimating the appropriate harvesting time.


Corn Drydown refers to the process where corn loses moisture after reaching physiological maturity until it's harvested. The Corn Drydown Calculator assists farmers in predicting the timeframe for corn to reach a desirable moisture content suitable for optimal harvesting and storage.

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Working of The Calculator

The Corn Drydown Calculator operates on a simple, empirically-derived formula. The user inputs the current moisture content and the desired moisture content of the corn. The calculator uses these two values to estimate the number of days required for the corn to reach the desired moisture content.

The formula for the Calculation

The calculation is based on the "Two-thirds Rule", where corn grain moisture content decreases by approximately 0.67% per day under favorable drying conditions. The formula used is Estimated Drydown Time (in days) = (Initial Moisture Content - Desired Moisture Content) / 0.67.


Let's say your corn currently has a moisture content of 25%, and you aim to harvest when it reaches 15%. Using the formula, the calculator would predict approximately 15 days for the corn to reach the desired moisture content.

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The Corn Drydown Calculator is a versatile tool with numerous applications in the agriculture industry. It aids in scheduling harvests, reducing drying costs, and improving corn quality. Proper harvest timing ensures optimal grain quality, minimizes field losses, and enhances overall yield efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Corn Drydown Calculator?

The Corn Drydown Calculator provides a rough estimate based on the Two-thirds Rule. However, actual dry-down rates can vary due to factors like hybrid differences, weather conditions, and field variability.


Corn Drydown is a critical aspect of corn farming. The Corn Drydown Calculator provides a straightforward and practical tool to estimate the dry-down period, facilitating effective planning and decision-making. Remember, using the calculator should be coupled with regular field assessments for the best results.

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