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UDayton GPA Calculator Online

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The UDayton GPA Calculator is designed to help students accurately determine their current academic standings by calculating their GPA. This tool takes into account the grades earned in courses and the credit hours of each course, offering a clear picture of the student’s academic performance. It serves not only as a means for current assessment but also as a strategic planner for students aiming to improve their GPA in future terms.

Formula of UDayton GPA Calculator

The calculation of GPA is a standardized process that involves the following formula:

GPA = Total Quality Points Earned / Total Credit Hours

For each unit of credit, the following grade points are earned:

  • A = Excellent; for each semester hour, 4.0 quality points are allow.
  • A- = For each semester hour, 3.6667 quality points are allow.
  • B+ = For each semester hour, 3.3333 quality points are allow.
  • B = Good; for each semester hour, 3.0 quality points are allow.
  • B- = For each semester hour, 2.6667 quality points are allow.
  • C+ = For each semester hour, 2.3333 quality points are allow.
  • C = Fair; for each semester hour, 2.0 quality points are allow.
  • C- = For each semester hour, 1.6667 quality points are allowed.
  • D = Poor but passing; for each semester hour, 1.0 quality point is allowed.
  • F = Failed. This mark indicates poor scholastic work, or failure to report withdrawal from a course.
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General Terms Table

ScenarioGrades (Credit Hours)Total Quality PointsGPA
1A (3), A (3), B+ (3), B (3), C (3)513.40
2B+ (3), B+ (3), B (3), B (3), C+ (3)453.00
3A- (3), B+ (3), B (3), C+ (3), C (3)42.52.83
4B (3), B- (3), C+ (3), C (3), C (3)362.40
5A (3), A (3), F (3), F (3), F (3)241.60

This table is for illustrative purposes and shows how different grade combinations across a semester’s worth of courses can affect the GPA.

Example of UDayton GPA Calculator

Consider a student who has completed three courses in a semester with the following grades and credit hours: A (4 credit hours), B+ (3 credit hours), and C (3 credit hours). The GPA calculation would be as follows:

  1. Convert grades to quality points: A = 4.0, B+ = 3.3333, C = 2.0.
  2. Multiply each grade by the corresponding credit hours and sum the results to get the total quality points.
  3. Divide the total quality points by the total credit hours.
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By following these steps, the student can calculate their GPA for the semester, enabling them to gauge their academic performance accurately.

Most Common FAQs

How often should I calculate my GPA?

It’s beneficial to calculate your GPA at the end of each academic term. This helps in understanding your academic progress and planning for future courses.

Can I improve my GPA?

Yes, by strategically selecting courses and dedicating adequate time to study, students can improve their GPA over subsequent terms.

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