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Gradesaver Calculator Online

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The Gradesaver Calculator helps you determine the grade you need to achieve on upcoming assignments or exams to reach an overall desired grade. This tool is especially useful for students looking to manage their course grades proactively.

Formula of Gradesaver Calculator

To effectively use the Gradesaver Calculator, you need to understand the formula it employs:



  • G_required is the grade required on the future assessment.
  • G_desired is the desired overall grade.
  • G_i is the grade received for each completed assessment.
  • W_i is the weight of each completed assessment.
  • W_future is the weight of the future assessment.
  • sum(G_i * W_i) is the sum of the weighted grades for all completed assessments.
  • sum(W_i) is the sum of the weights of all completed assessments.
  • sum(W_j) is the total weights of all assessments, including future ones.
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Commonly Searched Terms and Conversions Table

Grade WeightImportance of an assignment or exam
Desired GradeTarget grade for the course
Weighted GradesCombined impact of all graded tasks

Example of Gradesaver Calculator

Let’s look at a scenario where a student has completed two assignments with grades of 85% and 90%, and the weights of these assignments are 30% and 40% respectively. The student wishes to achieve an overall grade of 90% in a course, and the final exam, which is the only assessment left, carries a weight of 30%.

Here’s how you would use the Gradesaver Calculator to find out the required grade for the final exam:

  1. Calculate the sum of the weights of completed assessments:
    • Sum of weights for completed assignments (Wi): 30% + 40% = 70%
  2. Calculate the sum of the weighted grades for completed assessments:
    • Sum of weighted grades for completed assignments (sum(Gi * Wi)): (85% * 30%) + (90% * 40%) = 25.5% + 36% = 61.5%
  3. Calculate the total weights including the future exam:
    • Total weights including the future exam (sum(Wj)): 70% + 30% = 100%
  4. Apply the formula to find the required grade on the final exam (G_required):
    • Using the formula: G_required = (G_desired – ((sum(Gi * Wi) / sum(Wi)) * sum(Wj))) / W_future
    • Plugging in the values: G_required = (90% – ((61.5% / 70%) * 100%)) / 30% G_required = (90% – (87.8571%)) / 30% G_required = (2.1429%) / 30% = 7.14%
  5. Result:
    • The student needs to score approximately 7.14% on the final exam to achieve an overall grade of 90%. This demonstrates how the Gradesaver Calculator can be a crucial tool for students aiming to manage and achieve specific academic goals effectively.
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Most Common FAQs

How accurate is the Gradesaver Calculator?

The calculator is highly accurate, provided that the input grades and weights are correct.

Can this calculator be used for all educational systems?

Yes, it is versatile but always check if the weighting system aligns with your educational institution’s standards.

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