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Timber Weight Calculator Online

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Understanding the weight of timber is crucial for a variety of industries, from construction and carpentry to transport and logistics. The Timber Weight Calculator is a useful tool that simplifies the process of estimating the weight of a piece of timber based on its dimensions and density. This article will elaborate on how this calculator works, the formula it employs, and provide an illustrative example.

Functionality of the Timber Weight Calculator

The interface comprises of four input fields: length, width, height, and density. Length, width, and height represent the dimensions of the timber, and density refers to the wood’s density, usually given in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³).

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Two buttons are provided: ‘Calculate’ for computing the weight, and ‘Reset’ for clearing all input fields and the output field. The result, representing the calculated weight of the timber, is displayed in a read-only field.

The Formula

The calculator uses a basic principle of physics – the weight of an object is equal to its volume multiplied by its density. The formula employed is as follows:

Weight = Volume * Density

Volume, in turn, is calculated as the product of the timber’s length, width, and height:

Volume = Length * Width * Height

By substituting the volume in the first equation, we get the final formula used by the calculator:

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Weight = Length * Width * Height * Density


To illustrate how the Timber Weight Calculator works, let’s consider an example.

Suppose we have a timber piece with the following dimensions and density: Length = 2m, Width = 0.5m, Height = 0.25m, and Density = 700 kg/m³.

Entering these values into the respective input fields and clicking the ‘Calculate’ button, the calculator performs the following computation:

Weight = 2m * 0.5m * 0.25m * 700 kg/m³ = 175kg

The calculated weight (175kg) is then displayed in the ‘Result’ field.

To reset the calculator for a new calculation, the user simply clicks the ‘Reset’ button, which clears all fields.


In conclusion, the Timber Weight Calculator is a versatile tool that streamlines the process of estimating timber weight. By inputting basic dimensions and density, users receive an accurate weight calculation, facilitating efficient planning and logistics in industries that work with timber. This valuable tool demonstrates how technology can simplify and optimize even the most fundamental calculations in industrial practices.

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