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Naked Put Calculator Online

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Options trading is a vast and dynamic world with various strategies that traders use to optimize their earnings. One such strategy is the 'Naked Put,' a method fraught with risk yet laden with reward. This article introduces the Naked Put Calculator, a handy tool to assess potential profits or losses in naked put options.

Definition of Naked Put Option

A Naked Put, or uncovered put, is an options strategy where an investor writes or sells put options without holding short positions in the required underlying security. This strategy is typically employed when an investor is bullish on the market and expects the price of the underlying security to increase.

Working of the Naked Put Calculator

The Naked Put Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that helps calculate the profit or loss from selling a naked put. It requires three input variables: the stock price, strike price, and the price of the put option. By filling these inputs, the calculator performs the necessary computations to give the expected profit.

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The Naked Put Profit Formula

The formula used by the Naked Put Calculator is:

Naked Put Profit = max(strike price - stock price, 0) - put price.

The 'strike price' is the pre-determined price at which the put option can be sold. The 'stock price' is the current price of the underlying asset. The 'put price' is the cost of the put option itself.

Example Calculation

For instance, consider a stock with a current price of $50. If you've sold a put option with a strike price of $55 for a premium (put price) of $5, your profit using the calculator would be max(55 - 50, 0) - 5 = -$5, indicating a loss of $5.

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Practical Applications of the Naked Put Calculator

The calculator finds its applications in:

  1. Risk Assessment: It aids in evaluating the risk and potential returns before selling a naked put, which is especially useful given the high risk of the strategy.
  2. Investment Decisions: It can assist in making informed decisions about whether or not to employ the naked put strategy based on the computed profit or loss.


How does the Naked Put Calculator work?

The Naked Put Calculator computes the profit or loss from a naked put strategy using the inputs: stock price, strike price, and put price.

What is the risk with the naked put strategy?

The risk is substantial in a naked put strategy. If the market goes against expectations and the stock price falls, the losses can be significant, as theoretically, a stock's price can fall to zero.


Understanding the intricacies of options trading strategies like the naked put can be a daunting task. However, tools like the Naked Put Calculator make it simpler to evaluate potential profit or losses, empowering investors to make more informed decisions. It serves as an excellent reminder of the blend of risk and reward that options trading inherently offers.

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