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Port Calculator Audio Online

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The Port Calculator Audio is a valuable tool used in audio engineering to determine the optimal length of a port in a speaker enclosure. This length is crucial for achieving the desired acoustic performance and frequency response from the speaker system. By inputting specific parameters such as the speed of sound in air, tuning frequency of the port, and radius of the port, the calculator provides the length of the port in meters.

Formula of Port Calculator Audio

The formula used by the Port Calculator Audio is:

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L = (c / (4 * f)) - (0.82 * r)


  • L: Length of the port (in meters).
  • c: Speed of sound in air (approximately 343 meters per second at room temperature).
  • f: Tuning frequency of the port (in Hertz).
  • r: Radius of the port (in meters).

Table of General Terms

To enhance user experience, here’s a table of general terms related to speaker enclosure design and audio engineering:

Ported EnclosureA speaker enclosure design that includes a port to enhance low-frequency output.
Tuning FrequencyThe frequency at which a ported enclosure resonates, affecting bass response.
Speaker RadiusThe measurement from the center of the port to its outer edge.

Example of Port Calculator Audio

Let’s consider an example to illustrate the practical application of the Port Calculator Audio:

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Suppose we have a speaker system with the following parameters:

  • Speed of sound (c) = 343 m/s
  • Tuning frequency (f) = 50 Hz
  • Port radius (r) = 0.05 m

Using the formula provided, we can calculate the length of the port:

L = (343 / (4 * 50)) - (0.82 * 0.05) ≈ (6.86) - (0.041) ≈ 6.819 meters

Therefore, the optimal length of the port for this speaker system would be approximately 6.819 meters.

Most Common FAQs

Q: How does the tuning frequency affect speaker performance?

A: The tuning frequency determines the frequency at which the port resonates, influencing the bass response and overall sound quality of the speaker system.

Q: Can I use the Port Calculator for different speaker designs?

A: Yes, the Port Calculator Audio is versatile and can be used for various speaker enclosure designs as long as the input parameters are accurate.

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