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Number of Cavity In Injection Molding Calculators Online

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Injection molding is an integral part of many manufacturing processes. The efficiency of production significantly depends on the number of cavities in the mold. Enter the cavity number calculator, an essential tool designed to simplify and optimize the injection molding process.


Injection molding is a manufacturing technique for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mold. The number of cavities refers to the count of individual spaces within the mold where the material is injected and formed. Thus, the cavity number calculator helps determine the ideal cavity count to enhance production volume and efficiency.

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Detailed Explanations of the Calculator’s Working

The cavity number calculator uses the production volume, cycle time, and shot size as inputs to determine the ideal cavity count. Production volume is the required number of parts needed over a time period. Cycle time includes the sequence of injection, cooling, mold opening, part ejection, and mold closing. Shot size represents the maximum amount of molten material that the machine can inject in one go.

Formula and Variable Description

The formula used in the calculator is: Number of Cavities = (Production Volume / (Cycle Time × Shot Size)) + 1. The “+1” accounts for the time required for mold opening, part ejection, and mold closing, ensuring the machine can achieve the desired volume within the given cycle time.

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Suppose a factory needs to produce 5000 parts per day, the cycle time is 30 seconds, and the shot size is 200 grams. Using the calculator, the cavities required would be (5000 / (30/3600 × 200)) + 1 = approximately 18 cavities.


The calculator is extensively used in sectors such as:

  • Automotive Industry: For determining the efficiency of manufacturing car parts.
  • Medical Industry: Used in the production of medical equipment and devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the cavity number calculator?

The calculator provides a close approximation of the cavity number. However, other factors such as mold complexity, part design, material properties, and machine capabilities can also influence the actual cavity count required for optimal production.


The cavity number calculator is a useful tool in the field of injection molding. By considering factors such as production volume, cycle time, and shot size, the calculator helps determine the optimal cavity count for maximizing production efficiency. With the right cavity count, manufacturers can increase production volume, reduce costs per part, and improve overall manufacturing efficiency.

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