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Banzhaf Power Calculator Online

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The Banzhaf Power Calculator stands as a pivotal tool in understanding power distribution within a voting system. Utilized in various fields, from politics to game theory and economics, this calculator employs a formula known as the Banzhaf Power Index (BPI) to compute the influence of individual players or voters within a given system.

The Formula Behind the Banzhaf Power Index

The Banzhaf Power Index (BPI) calculation relies on a formula that defines the influence of a player within a voting system. The formula is represented as follows:

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B_i = 1 / 2^n * Σ (2^s_i) - 1


  • B_i represents the Banzhaf power index of player i.
  • n denotes the total number of players or voters in the system.
  • Σ signifies the summation.
  • s_i stands for the number of swing coalitions (coalitions in which the player's vote is pivotal) that player i is a part of.

Simplifying the Calculation Process

Banzhaf Power Index (BPI)A numerical value representing the power or influence of a player within a voting system.
Swing CoalitionsCoalitions wherein a player's vote is pivotal in determining the outcome.

This table aims to provide quick reference points, assisting users in grasping essential concepts without the need for repeated calculations.

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Example Illustration

To offer a practical application of the Banzhaf Power Calculator, consider a scenario with a voting system involving five players. Each player's influence (Banzhaf Power Index) can be computed using the provided formula and the number of swing coalitions they participate in.

Most Common FAQs about the Banzhaf Power Calculator

What is the significance of the Banzhaf Power Index?

The Banzhaf Power Index quantifies the influence of individual players within a voting system, shedding light on their pivotal role in determining outcomes.

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