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Banzhaf Calculator Online

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The Banzhaf Calculator serves as a tool to determine the Banzhaf power index within a voting system. It measures the influence each player holds in the decision-making process. This index is especially vital in scenarios where coalitions form and the distribution of power among individual participants affects the outcomes significantly.

Formula of Banzhaf Calculator

The Banzhaf power index (B(i)) for a specific player (i) is calculated using the formula:

B(i) = 1 / 2^(n-1) * Σ(S ⊆ N\{i}) w(S)

Here's a breakdown of the components:

  • B(i): Represents the Banzhaf power index of player i.
  • n: Denotes the total number of players in the voting system.
  • N: Signifies the set of all players, where {i} refers to the specific player for whom the Banzhaf power index is calculate.
  • S: Represents a coalition of players excluding player i.
  • w(S): Stands for the total weight of the coalition S.
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General Terms Table

Banzhaf IndexThe measure of an individual's power within a voting system.
Voting SystemA method or process used to reach decisions collectively among participants.
CoalitionA group formed by combining the interests or resources of multiple entities.

Example of Banzhaf Calculator

Let's consider a scenario with five players engaged in a voting system where player 'A' holds a Banzhaf power index of 0.375. This indicates that 'A' possesses significant influence in shaping the outcomes compared to others, influencing approximately 37.5% of the total decision-making power.

Most Common FAQs

Q: Why is the Banzhaf power index important?

A: It helps in understanding the individual impact within a decision-making process, especially in scenarios involving coalition formations.

Q: Can the Banzhaf Calculator be used in different contexts?

A: Yes, it's applicable in various fields like political science, game theory, and corporate governance, among others.

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