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Bodyboard Size Calculator Online

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The exciting world of water sports is never complete without bodyboarding, a popular activity that appeals to everyone, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. However, it is essential to use the right equipment to enjoy the sport safely and effectively. One critical equipment is the bodyboard, and its size significantly affects performance. But how can you determine the right bodyboard size? That's where our Bodyboard Size Calculator comes in.


A Bodyboard Size Calculator is a digital tool specifically designed to help bodyboarding enthusiasts and professionals find the right size of bodyboard suitable for their height and weight. It calculates the appropriate bodyboard length based on user-specific details, facilitating better maneuverability, and improving overall bodyboarding experience.

Working of the Calculator

Our Bodyboard Size Calculator is simple yet effective. It takes your height and weight as input. It then uses these parameters to compute the ideal bodyboard length for you. The calculator applies pre-set conditions to determine the right bodyboard size, considering that different weight categories require distinct board lengths.

Formula and Variables Description

The calculator uses a formula that considers the user's weight primarily. If the weight is up to 60 kg (130 lbs), the ideal bodyboard length is between 37-40 inches. For weight between 60-80 kg (130-175 lbs), the bodyboard length should be 40-42 inches. For users over 80 kg (175 lbs), the suitable bodyboard length is between 42-44 inches.


For instance, let's consider a person weighing 70kg. When they enter their weight into the calculator, it suggests a bodyboard length of 40-42 inches as the ideal size. This simple process helps to avoid confusion and select the right bodyboard, enhancing the boarding experience.


Personal Use

The Bodyboard Size Calculator can be an invaluable tool for individuals engaging in the sport. It helps to eliminate the guesswork in selecting the right size board, thereby making the process straightforward and efficient.

Professional Coaching

Professional bodyboard coaches can also find this tool helpful in recommending the correct bodyboard sizes to their students, thus improving their performance and learning process.

Most Common FAQs

How accurate is the Bodyboard Size Calculator?

The Bodyboard Size Calculator provides accurate suggestions based on the weight-input provided. However, users should remember that personal comfort and wave conditions may also influence the choice of bodyboard size.

Can I use a bodyboard size different from the calculator's recommendation?

While the calculator provides a recommended size, users are free to choose a size they are most comfortable with, especially considering their skill level and typical wave conditions.


Our Calculator bridges the gap between enthusiasts and the right bodyboard size, making the sport more accessible and enjoyable. By merely inputting height and weight, users can find their ideal bodyboard size, boosting their performance and ensuring a more gratifying bodyboarding experience.

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