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Vertical Speed Calculator Online

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A Vertical Speed Calculator is designed to compute the speed at which an object moves vertically, taking into account its total motion and the angle of direction. This tool is invaluable in scenarios like flight ascent or descent, where precise vertical speed data are crucial for decision-making and operational safety.

Formula of Vertical Speed Calculator

The vertical speed can be calculated using the formula:

Vertical Speed


  • v_v is the vertical speed,
  • v is the total speed,
  • theta is the angle of ascent or descent, in degrees.

This formula helps determine how fast an object is moving upward or downward, which is especially useful in flight dynamics and engineering projects.

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Table of General Terms and Conversions

ScenarioTotal Speed (v)Angle (Theta)Vertical Speed (v_v)
Light Aircraft Ascending180 km/h (50 m/s)15 degrees12.9 m/s
Paraglider Descending30 km/h (8.3 m/s)15 degrees2.1 m/s
Skydiver Freefall200 km/h (55.6 m/s)90 degrees55.6 m/s
Drone Climbing40 km/h (11.1 m/s)10 degrees1.9 m/s
Rocket Launch2000 km/h (555.6 m/s)30 degrees482.8 m/s

This table provides essential terms and conversions that are frequently needed when using the vertical speed calculator.

Example of Vertical Speed Calculator

Scenario: An airplane is climbing at a speed of 180 km/h at an ascent angle of 15 degrees. Calculate the vertical speed.

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Calculation: Convert total speed to m/s: 180 km/h = 50 m/s Using the formula: v_v = 50 * sin(15) approximately 12.9 m/s

The airplane’s vertical speed is approximately 12.9 m/s upward.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: Can this calculator be use for any type of motion?

A1: Yes, the Calculator is versatile and can be use for any motion involving a vertical component, whether in aviation, sports, or physics experiments.

Q2: How accurate is the vertical speed calculator?

A2: The calculator is highly accurate, assuming correct input values are provided. It uses standard trigonometric calculations to determine vertical speed.

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