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Stripping Force Calculator

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Stripping force, as the term suggests, relates to stripping or removing materials in processes such as sheet metal operations. More specifically, stripping force is required to remove the punch from the workpiece after the cutting operation. It is a critical parameter in manufacturing and engineering, particularly in processes involving cutting or shaping materials.

Now, to calculate the stripping force, we use a tool known as the Stripping Force Calculator. This handy instrument simplifies the calculation process, improving efficiency and precision in engineering and manufacturing tasks.

Understanding the Stripping Force Calculator

The Calculator is a mathematical tool used in engineering and manufacturing. It utilizes a specific formula to calculate the stripping force based on the cutting force and the percentage of the cutting forces involved. This calculator simplifies and simplifies the process of determining the stripping force during manufacturing procedures.

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Stripping Force Formula and Variables

The formula used by the Stripping Force Calculator is as follows:

Stripping Force (SF) = Cutting Force (CF) * Percentage of Cutting Force Involved in Stripping (%F)

Let’s break down each variable:

  • Stripping Force (SF): This is Forece to remove the punch from the workpiece after the cutting operation, measured in Newton (N).
  • Cutting Force (CF) is applied to cut or shape the material. It is also measured in Newton (N).
  • Percentage of Cutting Force Involved in Stripping (%F): This portion of the cutting force plays a role in stripping. This value typically ranges between 10% and 20%.

A Detailed Example of Stripping Force Calculation

To better understand how the Stripping Force Calculator works, let’s walk through a detailed example:

Suppose the Cutting Force (CF) is 400N, and the Percentage of Cutting Force Involved In stripping (%F) is 34%. We can use the stripping force formula:

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Stripping Force (SF) = CF * %F = 400N * 34% = 136N

This means that the stripping force in this instance is 136N.


The Calculator has many applications in numerous fields, particularly in manufacturing and engineering. It is used to:

  1. Improve Precision: The calculator helps determine the precise stripping force required, minimizing errors and reducing material waste.
  2. Optimize Manufacturing Processes: By knowing the exact stripping force, professionals can optimize cutting and shaping processes for improved efficiency and output.
  3. Predict Material Behavior: Understanding the stripping force aids in predicting how materials will behave during cutting or shaping processes, facilitating safer and more effective operations.

Most Common FAQs

What is stripping force?

Stripping force is necessary to remove the punch from a workpiece after a cutting operation.

What is the formula for stripping force?

The formula for stripping force is: Stripping Force (SF) = Cutting Force (CF) * Percentage of Cutting Force Involved in Stripping (%F).

Where is the Stripping Force Calculator used?

The Stripping Force Calculator is primarily used in manufacturing and engineering, aiding in tasks that involve cutting or shaping materials.

Why is stripping forces important?

Stripping force is crucial in determining the efficiency and precision of manufacturing operations. Knowing the exact stripping force can optimize these processes, reducing errors and material waste.


The Calculator is a vital instrument in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. By understanding its workings, formula, and practical applications, professionals can optimize their processes, ensure greater precision, and ultimately enhance their output. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or a novice in the field, this tool can make your tasks easier and more effective.

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