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Recoil Speed Calculator Online

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The Recoil Speed Calculator helps you determine the speed at which a firearm moves backward after firing a bullet. This recoil speed is important for understanding the impact of shooting on the shooter and for designing firearms with better recoil management. By using this calculator, you can predict the recoil speed based on the mass of the bullet, the muzzle velocity, and the mass of the firearm.

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Formula of Recoil Speed Calculator

The recoil speed of a firearm can be calculated using the principle of conservation of momentum. The formula is:

Recoil Speed


  • Vr = Recoil speed of the firearm
  • mb = Mass of the bullet
  • Vb = Muzzle velocity of the bullet
  • mf = Mass of the firearm

This formula allows you to calculate the recoil speed by knowing the masses of the bullet and firearm, and the velocity at which the bullet leaves the firearm.

Pre-calculated Table

To make it easier, here is a table with pre-calculated recoil speeds for common firearm and bullet combinations:

Mass of Bullet (g)Muzzle Velocity (m/s)Mass of Firearm (kg)Recoil Speed (m/s)

Example of Recoil Speed Calculator

To illustrate how to use the formula, consider a firearm with the following characteristics:

  • Mass of the bullet (mb): 10 grams (0.01 kg)
  • Muzzle velocity of the bullet (Vb): 800 meters per second
  • Mass of the firearm (mf): 3 kilograms
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Using the formula:

Vr = (mb * Vb) / mf Vr = (0.01 kg * 800 m/s) / 3 kg Vr = 8 / 3 Vr = 2.67 m/s

The recoil speed of the firearm is 2.67 meters per second.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: Why is knowing the recoil speed important?

A1: Knowing the recoil speed is important for understanding how much force the shooter will feel and for designing firearms with better recoil management.

Q2: How does the mass of the firearm affect the recoil speed?

A2: The mass of the firearm inversely affects the recoil speed. A heavier firearm will have a lower recoil speed, making it easier to manage.

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