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Period Amplitude Calculator Online

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A period amplitude calculator is a tool designed to compute two key characteristics of a wave: its period and amplitude. The period of a wave is the time it takes for one complete cycle of the wave to pass a given point. The amplitude is the maximum displacement of the wave from its rest position. This calculator simplifies the process of determining these values, which is essential for engineers, physicists, and other professionals working with wave-related phenomena.

Formula of Period Amplitude Calculator

Period (T)

The period T of a wave is the duration of time it takes for one complete cycle to pass a specified point. It is inversely proportional to the frequency f of the wave, which is the number of cycles per second. The formula to calculate the period is:

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T = 1 / f


  • T is the period
  • f is the frequency of the wave

Amplitude (A)

The amplitude A of a wave is its maximum displacement from the rest position. For a simple harmonic motion, the amplitude can be determined if the total energy E, the mass 𝑚m of the oscillating object, and the angular frequency 𝜔ω are known. The formula is:

A = sqrt(2E / (m * omega^2))


  • A is the amplitude
  • E is the total energy of the system
  • m is the mass of the oscillating object
  • omega is the angular frequency, related to the period by omega = 2 * pi / T

Table of General Terms

Below is a table of terms commonly associated with wave calculations:

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WaveA disturbance that transfers energy.
FrequencyNumber of complete wave cycles per second.
AmplitudeMaximum displacement from the rest position.
PeriodTime for one complete cycle to occur.
WavelengthDistance over which the wave’s shape repeats.

Example of Period Amplitude Calculator

Consider a wave with a frequency of 2 Hz and an energy of 10 Joules in a system where the mass is 0.5 kg and the angular frequency is 6.28 rad/s.

Calculate the Period:

T = 1 / f = 1 / 2 = 0.5 seconds

Calculate the Amplitude:

A = sqrt(2 * 10 / (0.5 * (6.28)^2)) = sqrt(20 / 19.7584) ≈ 1.01 meters

Most Common FAQs

Q2: How accurate are the calculations from this tool?

A2: The calculator’s accuracy depends on the accuracy of the input data. If precise values are entered, the calculator will provide highly accurate results.

Q3: Is there a mobile app available for this calculator?

A3: While specific details may vary, many online tools and resources offer mobile versions or apps for easier access and utility.

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