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Peak Height Velocity Calculator Online

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The Peak Height Velocity Calculator is a crucial tool for estimating the timing and intensity of a person’s maximum growth spurt during adolescence. It employs a specific formula to calculate the Peak Height Velocity (PHV), a key metric in assessing an individual’s growth pattern.

Formula of Peak Height Velocity Calculator

The PHV calculation is based on the following formula:

PHV = HSD + (APV x T)


  • PHV: Peak Height Velocity
  • HSD: Height at Somatic Maturity (mid-parental height)
  • APV: Age at Peak Velocity (in years)
  • T: Timing parameter (common values range between 1.3 and 1.5)
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This formula provides insights into the expected peak growth rate during adolescence, helping individuals, parents, and healthcare professionals understand and anticipate growth patterns.

General Terms Table

To facilitate easy usage and understanding, here’s a table of general terms related to growth assessment that people commonly search for:

Growth PercentileIndicates the relative position of a child’s height compared to others of the same age and gender.
Mid-Parental HeightAn estimation of adult height based on the average height of both parents.
Growth SpurtA rapid increase in height and weight during puberty.
Growth ChartsGraphical representations showing the average growth patterns for children.

This table serves as a quick reference for users, aiding in their understanding without the need for repeated calculations.

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Example of Peak Height Velocity Calculator

Let’s consider an example to illustrate the practical application of the PHV Calculator. Suppose a child’s mid-parental height (HSD) is 160 cm, and they reach their age at peak velocity (APV) at 12 years with a timing parameter (T) of 1.4. Plugging these values into the formula:

PHV = 160 + (12 x 1.4) = 177.8 cm

Therefore, the Peak Height Velocity for this individual is 177.8 cm.

Most Common FAQs

2. Can the PHV Calculator predict the exact timing of a growth spurt?

While the calculator provides a valuable estimation, individual variations exist. Genetics, nutrition, and overall health can influence the actual timing of a growth spurt.

3. How frequently should one use the PHV Calculator?

For optimal use, calculate the PHV periodically, especially during the pubertal years, to track growth patterns and make informed decisions.

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