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Newtons Second Law Calculator Online

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The Newton's Second Law Calculator is a tool designed to determine the force applied to an object based on its mass and acceleration. This fundamental concept in physics, formulated by Sir Isaac Newton, defines the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration through a simple mathematical formula.

Formula of Newtons Second Law Calculator

The formula used by the Newton's Second Law Calculator is:

F = ma


  • F represents the force applied to an object (measured in Newtons, N).
  • m stands for the mass of the object (measured in kilograms, kg).
  • a denotes the acceleration of the object (measured in meters per second squared, m/s²).
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General Terms Table or Converter

For ease of use, here is a table of commonly search terms related to force, mass, and acceleration:

Force (F)Newtons (N)
Mass (m)Kilograms (kg)
Acceleration (a)m/s²

This table provides a quick reference for users to understand the terms used in the calculation without the need for constant recalculation.

Example of Newtons Second Law Calculator

Let's consider an example to illustrate the application of Newton's Second Law. Suppose we have an object with a mass of 5 kg experiencing an acceleration of 10 m/s². Using the formula F = ma, we can calculate the force applied:

F = 5 kg * 10 m/s² = 50 N

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Therefore, the force acting on the object would be 50 Newtons.

Most Common FAQs

Q: How can Newton's Second Law be applied in everyday life?

A: Newton's Second Law has various applications. For instance, it helps understand how much force is need to push or pull an object, determine the impact of a force on an object's motion, and more.

Q: Can this calculator be used for gravitational force calculations?

A: No, this calculator specifically deals with calculating force concerning mass and acceleration. To calculate gravitational force, you would need additional information like the masses of two objects and the distance between them.

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