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Lorentz Force Calculator Online

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Physics is the science of understanding the fundamental forces that govern the universe. Within this wide field, the Lorentz Force Calculator is a specific tool designed to help users comprehend and apply the principles of electromagnetism in various real-world applications.


The Lorentz Force Calculator, under the category of physics calculators, allows us to calculate the force exerted on a charged particle moving through an electric and magnetic field. The concept of Lorentz Force is a cornerstone in the study of electromagnetism, and the calculator simplifies its computation, making it more accessible to students and professionals alike.

Detailed explanations of the calculator’s working

The Calculator operates based on the fundamental principle of the Lorentz force. Users enter the values for electric charge, external electric field, particle velocity, and magnetic field. With these inputs, the calculator applies the Lorentz force formula to calculate the force exerted on the charged particle. It performs the calculations and guides the user through each step, helping them understand the underlying physics.

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Lorentz Force Formula

The formula used by the Calculator is

F = q(E + v x B)

where F is the resulting force, q represents the electric charge, E is the external electric field, v is the velocity, and B is the magnetic field. By manipulating these variables, the calculator can quickly derive the Lorentz Force experienced by a charged particle moving within a magnetic and electric field.


Let’s say we have a charged particle with a charge of 2 Coulombs, moving at a velocity of 3 meters per second in an external electric field of 4 Newtons/Coulomb and a magnetic field of 5 Tesla. Using the calculator, you would input these values and it will calculate the force experienced by the particle.

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The principles of Lorentz Force and its calculator have several applications:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Lorentz’s force is fundamental in creating the magnetic field required in MRI machines, aiding in non-invasive medical imaging.

Particle Accelerators: Lorentz Force guides charged particles to high speeds, a principle used in the Large Hadron Collider.

Magnetic Levitation Trains: Lorentz Force creates magnetic fields that levitate and propel these modern transport systems.

Most Common FAQs

How does the Lorentz Force Calculator work?

The calculator uses the Lorentz Force formula: F = q(E + v x B). By inputting the charge (q), electric field (E), velocity (v), and magnetic field (B), the calculator provides the Lorentz Force (F).

Where is Lorentz Force applied in the real world?

The Lorentz Force has multiple applications, including in MRI machines, particle accelerators, and magnetic levitation trains.


The Lorentz Force Calculator is a powerful tool that demystifies the complex world of electromagnetism, making the calculation and application of Lorentz Force easy and accessible. By understanding and using this calculator, we can gain a deeper insight into the physics that shape our universe.

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