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Fire Hose Flow Rate Calculator Online

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Understanding the science behind firefighting is essential, and part of that knowledge includes calculating the flow rate through a fire hose. This not only helps in effective firefighting but also in the proper maintenance of firefighting equipment. And for that pupose you can use Fire Hose Flow Rate Calculator


A Fire Hose Flow Rate Calculator is an advanced tool that calculates the volume of water that passes through the fire hose per unit time.

This calculation is based on the cross-sectional area of the hose and the speed of water flow, taking into account factors like the internal diameter and pressure.

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How the Calculator Works

The calculator works based on the fundamental physics principle of flow rate and applies it to the specific context of a fire hose.

Upon entering the diameter of the hose and the velocity of the water flow, the calculator applies the predefined formulas to calculate the flow rate in gallons per minute or liters per second.

Formulas and Variables

The calculator uses two main formulas. The first is for calculating the cross-sectional area of the hose, given by the formula: Area = π × (Diameter/2)^2. Here, π represents the mathematical constant and Diameter is the diameter of the hose.

The second formula is for the flow rate calculation itself, given by the formula: Flow Rate = Area × Velocity. Here, Area represents the cross-sectional area calculated earlier, and Velocity represents the speed of the water flow through the hose.

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Suppose you have a fire hose with a diameter of 2 inches, and the water is flowing at a velocity of 5 feet per second. Using our calculator, we find that the flow rate is approximately 0.82 gallons per minute.


  • Firefighting: The calculator aids in determining the most effective way to combat a fire, helping firefighters adjust their hose settings.
  • Maintenance: It assists in routine equipment checks, ensuring that the fire hoses function as required.
  • Training: The calculator serves as an educational tool for firefighting training programs.

Most Common FAQs

Can I use the calculator for different hose diameters and velocities?

Yes, the calculator is designed to accept any diameter and velocity values, providing a corresponding flow rate for any valid input.


The Fire Hose Flow Rate Calculator is a critical tool that enhances the effectiveness of firefighting strategies, contributes to equipment maintenance, and offers invaluable insights during training. By understanding its operation, you can make optimal use of this innovative tool.

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