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Harley Cable Length Calculator Online

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Building a custom Harley Davidson, or any motorbike for that matter, requires intricate planning and precise measurements. Among many factors, the correct length of the control cables is crucial to ensure proper handling and rider comfort. This is where a Harley Cable Length Calculator comes in handy.

Understanding the Harley Cable Length Calculator

The Harley Cable Length Calculator is a digital tool designed to estimate the length of control cables (throttle, clutch, and brake) needed for a custom motorcycle handlebar setup. The calculator uses the handlebar length, rise height, and pull back as inputs to determine the cable length.

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These are the measurements you need to provide:

  1. Handle Bar Length: This is the measurement from one end of the handlebar to the other.
  2. Rise Height: The rise height refers to the vertical distance from the base of the handlebar to its highest point.
  3. Pull Back: Pull back is the horizontal distance from the furthest end of the handlebar to the mounting point on the bike.

The Underlying Formula

The Harley Cable Length Calculator employs the Pythagorean theorem for its calculations. This theorem states that in a right-angled triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides.

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In mathematical terms, if a and b are the lengths of the two sides, and c is the hypotenuse, then the theorem is written as:

a² + b² = c²

In our case, we consider the handlebar length, rise height, and pull back as the sides of a spatial triangle, and the required cable length is the hypotenuse. So, the formula we use is a slight modification of the Pythagorean theorem to account for the three dimensions:

cableLength = √(barLength² + riseHeight² + pullBack²)

An Example Calculation

Let’s consider an example. If your handlebar length is 30 units, rise height is 15 units, and pull back is 5 units, the estimated cable length would be:

cableLength = √(30² + 15² + 5²)
            = √(900 + 225 + 25)
            = √1150
            = ~33.9 units


The Harley Cable Length Calculator is a valuable tool for those who are building their custom motorcycle or making adjustments to their handlebars. However, it’s worth noting that this calculator provides an estimate. For more accurate measurements, especially for long cable lengths, consider consulting a professional or a detailed guide. Other factors like the bike model and specific cable routing paths can affect the exact cable length needed.

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