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Breakover Angle Calculator: Optimize Off-Road Capabilities

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Breakover angle is a crucial parameter in the world of off-roading and vehicle design. It represents the maximum angle at which a vehicle can traverse a crest without its underbody or midpoint making contact with the ground. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of break-over angle, learn how to calculate it and introduce a user-friendly Breakover Angle Calculator to help you make informed decisions about your off-road vehicle’s performance.

Importance of Breakover Angle in Off-Roading and Vehicle Design

Breakover angle significantly impacts a vehicle’s off-road capabilities. A higher break-over angle indicates that the vehicle can traverse steeper crests without the risk of getting stuck or damaging its undercarriage. This is particularly important for off-road enthusiasts who tackle challenging terrains and obstacles.

In vehicle design, the break-over angle is an essential consideration for off-road vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). By optimizing the break-over angle, designers can enhance a vehicle’s off-road performance and minimize the risk of damage during off-road adventures.

How to Calculate Breakover Angle

The Breakover Angle Formula

To calculate break over angle, you can use the following formula:

BA = 2 * atan(2 * GC / WB)


  • BA is the Breakover Angle (degrees)
  • GC is the ground clearance (in)
  • WB is the wheelbase (in)
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Practical Examples of Breakover Angle Calculations

Example 1: Suppose an off-road vehicle has a ground clearance of 12 inches and a wheelbase of 120 inches. To calculate the break-over angle, use the formula:

BA = 2 * atan(2 * GC / WB)
BA = 2 * atan(2 * 12 / 120)
BA = 2 * atan(0.2)
BA ≈ 22.62 degrees

In this case, the break-over angle is approximately 22.62 degrees.

Example 2: An SUV has a ground clearance of 8 inches and a wheelbase of 110 inches. To find the break-over angle, use the same formula:

BA = 2 * atan(2 * GC / WB)
BA = 2 * atan(2 * 8 / 110)
BA = 2 * atan(0.145)
BA ≈ 16.61 degrees

The break-over angle of the SUV is approximately 16.61 degrees.

Introducing the Breakover Angle Calculator

Key Features of the Calculator

Our Breakover Angle Calculator is a web-based tool to help you quickly and easily calculate break-over angles. Some of its key features include:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Support for various units, including inches
  • Embeddable in websites and blogs
  • Real-time calculations as you input data
  • Compatible with all major browsers
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How to Use the Breakover Angle Calculator

Using the calculator is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the ground clearance (in inches) in the appropriate field.
  2. Enter the wheelbase (in inches) in the corresponding field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will display the break-over angle in degrees.

Benefits of Using the Calculator

The Breakover Angle Calculator offers several benefits, such as:

  • Saving time and effort in performing manual calculations
  • Reducing the risk of calculation errors
  • Enhancing your understanding of break-over angle and its impact on vehicle performance
  • Assisting in making informed decisions about off-road vehicle selection and design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the units used for Breakover Angle calculations?

The break-over angle is usually measured in degrees. The ground clearance and wheelbase are typically measured in inches, but they can also be measured in centimeters or other units of length.

How does Breakover Angle affect off-road vehicle performance?

A higher break-over angle allows a vehicle to traverse steeper crests and more challenging terrain without the risk of getting stuck or damaging its undercarriage. A vehicle with a low break-over angle may struggle on uneven terrain and could suffer damage to its underbody, ultimately limiting its off-road capabilities.

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Can the calculator be used for various vehicle types?

Yes, the Breakover Angle Calculator can be used for a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, ATVs, and even custom off-road vehicles. As long as you have the ground clearance and wheelbase measurements, the calculator can help you determine the break-over angle.

Can I embed the Breakover Angle Calculator on my own website or blog?

Yes, you can embed the Breakover Angle Calculator into your website or blog using the provided HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Make sure to follow the instructions in the code comments and adapt the styling as needed to match your site’s design.


Understanding break-over angles is essential for off-road enthusiasts, vehicle designers, and anyone interested in maximizing a vehicle’s off-road performance. Our Breakover Angle Calculator simplifies the process of calculating break-over angles, allowing you to make informed decisions about your off-road vehicle’s capabilities. With this tool at your disposal, you’ll be better prepared to tackle challenging terrain and enjoy the thrill of off-roading.

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