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Boil Off Rate Calculator

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In the field of thermodynamics and heat transfer, various calculators play a vital role in simplifying complex calculations. One such tool is the Boil Off Rate Calculator, an integral instrument for determining the rate at which a liquid boils off.

Definition of Boil Off Rate

The Boil Off Rate (BOR) is a thermodynamic term that refers to the rate at which a liquid evaporates, usually measured in milliliters per minute (mL/min). It’s a critical measure in various industrial processes, where the control of liquid evaporation is essential.

Explanation of the Boil Off Rate Calculator

The Boil Off Rate Calculator employs a straightforward formula to compute the rate at which a liquid evaporates. It requires three inputs: the volume of the liquid before and after boiling, and the time taken for the boil. By manipulating these values, the calculator can provide accurate results in a matter of seconds.

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Boil Off Rate Formula

The formula used by the calculator is as follows:

BOR = (V1 – V2) / T


  • BOR represents the Boil Off Rate (mL/min)
  • V1 stands for the volume before boil (mL)
  • V2 is the volume after boil (mL)
  • T refers to the time of boil (min)

The boil off rate is determined by subtracting the volume after boil from the volume before boil, then dividing by the time.

Example Calculation

Let’s consider an example where the volume before boiling is 400 mL, the volume after boiling is 300 mL, and the time taken to boil is 5 minutes. Using the formula, the Boil Off Rate would be (400-300) / 5 = 20 mL/min.

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Applications of Boil Off Rate Calculator

  • Industrial Processes: In industries where evaporation plays a critical role, such as distillation or brewing, understanding the boil off rate helps optimize the process.
  • Scientific Research: It’s an essential tool for research in fields like thermodynamics and heat transfer, contributing to accurate experimental results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Boil Off Rate Calculator?

A Boil Off Rate Calculator is a tool that calculates the rate at which a liquid evaporates or boils off, given the initial and final volumes and the boiling time.

Why is the Boil Off Rate important?

The Boil Off Rate is crucial because it helps control and optimize processes in various industries, such as brewing and distillation, where evaporation is a critical factor.


The Boil Off Rate Calculator is a powerful tool in both industrial and research settings. By understanding its workings, users can leverage this calculator to simplify and optimize processes where the evaporation rate of a liquid is a critical factor. Remember, successful utilization of such tools requires not just knowing the formula but understanding the underlying principles as well.

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