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Wave Angle Calculator Online

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Wave Angle Calculator

The Wave Angle Calculator is a tool used to determine the wave angle (β) in a fluid flow scenario, specifically concerning oblique shock waves. Understanding the wave angle is crucial in various fields like aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and aviation. This calculator assists in predicting the wave angle based on the oblique shock angle (θ) and the Mach number (M) of the incoming flow.

Formula of Wave Angle Calculator

The calculation formula used in the Wave Angle Calculator is:

β = arcsin(sin(θ) / M)


  • β represents the wave angle.
  • M is the Mach number characterizing the speed of the incoming flow.
  • θ denotes the oblique shock angle, measured in radians.
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This formula is essential in understanding the behavior of shock waves in fluid dynamics, aiding engineers, researchers, and professionals in predicting wave angles in various scenarios.

General Terms Table

Here is a table containing some general terms associated with shock waves and fluid dynamics that people often search for:

Shock WaveA type of propagating disturbance in a fluid medium
Mach NumberRatio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in air
Oblique ShockA shock wave inclined at an angle to the direction of flow
Wave AngleAngle formed by a shock wave in a fluid flow
Fluid DynamicsStudy of fluid flow and its behavior

This table serves as a helpful reference for those seeking quick information on commonly used terms in this field.

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Example of Wave Angle Calculator

Consider an aircraft moving at a Mach number of 2 encountering an oblique shock wave at an angle of 30 degrees. Using the Wave Angle Calculator with the provided formula, we can determine the wave angle (β).

  • θ (oblique shock angle) = 30 degrees ≈ 0.5236 radians
  • M (Mach number) = 2

Plugging these values into the formula: β = arcsin(sin(0.5236) / 2) β ≈ arcsin(0.5) β ≈ 30 degrees

This showcases how the calculator can swiftly provide the angle in practical scenarios.

Most Common FAQs

Q: Can the Angle Calculator be used for other applications?

A: While primarily focused on fluid dynamics, similar principles might be applied in certain scenarios, but its main application remains in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics.

Q: Is the calculator accurate for all fluid flow scenarios?

A: The calculator provides accurate results within the limits of the provided inputs, assuming ideal conditions of fluid behavior.

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