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Cross Cylinder Calculator Online

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The Cross Cylinder Calculator is a powerful tool used in optics to determine the power of a crossed cylinder lens. This lens is commonly employed in eyeglasses, particularly for individuals with astigmatism. The calculator considers the radius of curvature of the first and second cylinder surfaces to compute the lens power.

Formula of Cross Cylinder Calculator

The formula for calculating the power (P) of the crossed cylinder lens is given by:

Power = (1 / (R1 * 100)) - (1 / (R2 * 100))


  • Power: Represents the power of the crossed cylinder lens.
  • R1: Denotes the radius of curvature of the first cylinder surface (in meters).
  • R2: Signifies the radius of curvature of the second cylinder surface (in meters).
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This formula provides a precise mathematical representation for the calculation, ensuring accuracy in lens power determination.

General Terms Table

To facilitate user understanding and provide quick reference, here’s a table of general terms related to the Cross Cylinder Calculator:

Lens PowerThe strength of the crossed cylinder lens.
Radius (R1/R2)The curvature of the first/second cylinder surface.
AstigmatismA common refractive error causing blurred vision due to irregular lens shape.

This table serves as a handy resource for users, aiding in better comprehension without the need for manual calculations each time.

Example of Cross Cylinder Calculator

Let’s illustrate the application of the Cross Cylinder Calculator with an example:

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Suppose R1 is 0.02 meters and R2 is 0.025 meters. Plugging these values into the formula:

Power = (1 / (0.02 * 100)) - (1 / (0.025 * 100)) = 50 - 40 = 10

Therefore, the lens power in this example is 10.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: How is lens power different from lens prescription?

A: Lens power is a measure of the lens strength, addressing issues like astigmatism. The lens prescription, on the other hand, encompasses additional factors like myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).

Q3: Are there alternative methods to calculate lens power?

A: While manual calculations are possible, using a specialized calculator ensures accuracy. Optometrists commonly employ automated tools for precise results.

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