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Right Rectangular Prism Calculator Online

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A Right Rectangular Prism Calculator is an essential tool designed to make geometry calculations straightforward and accurate. It primarily assists in calculating the volume and surface area of a right rectangular prism, which is a three-dimensional solid object with six faces, all of which are rectangles, and all angles are right angles. This calculator serves an invaluable purpose for students, educators, architects, and anyone involved in fields requiring geometric computations, providing immediate results that help in various applications, from academic assignments to professional projects.

formula of Right Rectangular Prism Calculator

To understand the calculations performed by the Right Rectangular Prism Calculator, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the formulas it uses:

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This tells you how much space the rectangular prism occupies. The formula for volume is:

V = lwh, where:
V is the volume (in cubic units)
l is the length (of the base)
w is the width (of the base)
h is the height

Surface Area

This is the total area of all the faces of the prism added together. The formula for surface area is:

S = 2(lw + lh + wh), where:
S is the surface area (in square units)
l is the length (of the base)
w is the width (of the base)
h is the height

These formulas are fundamental in performing the calculations that the Right Rectangular Prism Calculator simplifies for its users.

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Table for general terms

bject DescriptionLength (l)Width (w)Height (h)Volume (V = lwh)Surface Area (S = 2(lw + lh + wh))
Standard Shipping Box12 units8 units6 units576 cubic units384 square units
Book9 units6 units2 units108 cubic units132 square units
Brick8 units4 units2 units64 cubic units88 square units
Large Storage Container20 units15 units10 units3000 cubic units1300 square units
Small Electronic Device Box5 units3 units1 unit15 cubic units46 square units

Example of Right Rectangular Prism Calculator

Let's calculate the volume and surface area of a right rectangular prism with a length of 5 units, a width of 3 units, and a height of 2 units.

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Volume Calculation:

V = lwh = 5 * 3 * 2 = 30 cubic units

Surface Area Calculation:

S = 2(lw + lh + wh) = 2(5*3 + 5*2 + 3*2) = 2(15 + 10 + 6) = 62 square units

These examples demonstrate how to apply the formulas to calculate the volume and surface area of a right rectangular prism effectively.

Most Common FAQs

What is a Right Rectangular Prism?

A right rectangular prism is a three-dimensional solid with six rectangular faces, where all angles between the faces are right angles. It is one of the most commonly encountered shapes in geometry and real life.

How Do I Use a Right Rectangular Prism Calculator?

To use the calculator, enter the length, width, and height of the prism into the designated fields. The calculator will automatically apply the formulas to provide you with the volume and surface area.

Can I Calculate the Volume and Surface Area Without a Calculator?

Yes, you can calculate both the volume and surface area using the formulas provided earlier in this article. However, using a calculator simplifies the process and reduces the potential for errors.

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