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Mach Number Calculator Online

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The Mach Number Calculator is a fundamental tool used in aerodynamics to determine the Mach number after an oblique shock wave. It aids in understanding the changes in airflow properties resulting from shockwaves, which are crucial in various fields of engineering and aviation.

Formula of Mach Number Calculator

The Mach Number Calculator employs the following formula:

M2 = M / sin(β - θ)


  • M2 is the Mach number after the shock.
  • β represents the wave angle.
  • M is the Mach number of the incoming flow.
  • θ is the oblique shock angle (measured in radians).
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This formula enables engineers and aerodynamicists to calculate the Mach number alterations caused by oblique shock waves, providing insights into airflow behavior and its effects on various structures.

General Terms and Conversions

For users’ convenience, here is a table outlining general terms related to Mach numbers that people commonly search for:

Mach NumberThe ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium.
Oblique ShockA shockwave inclined at an angle to the direction of the flow.
Wave AngleThe angle between the oblique shockwave and the flow direction.
RadiansA unit of angular measurement.
Mach Number ConversionConverting between Mach numbers and speeds in various units.

This table will serve as a quick reference for users seeking information related to Mach numbers and their associated terms.

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Example of Mach Number Calculator

Let’s consider an example to illustrate the practical application of the Mach Number Calculator:

Suppose an aircraft travels with a Mach number (M) of 2.5, encountering an oblique shock with a wave angle (β) of 30 degrees and an oblique shock angle (θ) of 0.5 radians. Plugging these values into the formula:

M2 = 2.5 / sin(30° - 0.5)

By calculating this, we can determine the Mach number after the shock, providing valuable insights into the altered airflow properties.

Most Common FAQs

2. Why is the Mach Calculator important?

The calculator aids in predicting the changes in airflow properties due to shockwaves, essential in aerospace engineering, aircraft design, and supersonic flow analysis.

3. How does the oblique shock angle affect the Mach number?

The oblique shock angle influences the strength and direction of shockwaves, consequently affecting the Mach number and airflow properties.

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