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FWHR Calculator: Calculate Your Facial Width-to-Height Ratio

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Have you ever wondered about the dimensions of your face? Our Facial Width-to-Height Ratio (FWHR) Calculator makes it easy to understand your facial proportions. Researchers have found that the FWHR can provide insights into various aspects of human behavior, appearance, and even health. Read on to learn about the FWHR formula, how to use the calculator, and its potential uses and implications.

The Formula

The FWHR is calculated by dividing the facial width by the facial height:

FWHR = Facial Width (FW) / Facial Height (FH)

Facial Width (FW) is the distance between the left and right zygomatic arches, or cheekbones. Facial Height (FH) is the distance between the upper lip midpoint and the highest point of the eyebrows.

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How to Use the FWHR Calculator

  1. Measure your facial width: Use a flexible measuring tape, ruler, or caliper to measure the distance between your cheekbones. Make sure you measure from the widest point of each cheekbone.
  2. Measure your facial height: Measure the distance from the midpoint of your upper lip to the highest point of your eyebrows.
  3. Enter your measurements: Input the facial width and height values into the calculator in inches or centimeters.
  4. Click “Calculate”: The calculator will display your FWHR, rounded to two decimal places.


Suppose you measure your facial width as 5.5 inches and your facial height as 3 inches. Input these values into the FWHR Calculator:

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Facial Width (FW) = 5.5 inches Facial Height (FH) = 3 inches

Click “Calculate” to get your FWHR:

FWHR = 5.5 / 3 = 1.83

Uses and Implications of FWHR

While it’s essential to note that correlation doesn’t imply causation, research has indicated that FWHR may have some intriguing associations:

  1. Attractiveness: Some studies have found that people with higher FWHRs are perceived as more attractive, though the results are mixed and may vary between genders and cultures.
  2. Personality traits: Researchers have found links between FWHR and certain personality traits, such as aggressiveness and dominance.
  3. Health: There’s evidence suggesting that FWHR may be associated with health factors like cardiovascular risk and hormonal levels.
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Keep in mind that these findings are based on group-level patterns and may not directly apply to individuals. Moreover, it’s crucial to approach these associations with caution, as they may not account for factors like facial expression, hairstyle, or cultural preferences.


The FWHR Calculator is a convenient tool for understanding your facial proportions and exploring the potential implications of your facial dimensions. By following the simple steps above, you can quickly calculate your FWHR and gain insight into an aspect of your appearance that has been the subject of scientific research. However, remember that the associations between FWHR and attractiveness, personality, or health should be considered with caution and not taken as definitive.

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