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Church Growth Calculator | Decode Your Congregation’s Growth

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Church Growth refers to the change in the number of attendees at a church over a certain period. This metric is not only a reflection of the effectiveness of a church’s outreach efforts but also a measure of how well a church is managing its existing congregation. In other words, it serves as a pulse check on the overall health of a church community. Monitoring Church Growth using Church Growth Calculator is a vital task for church administrators, as it provides insights that can help shape and adjust ministry strategies accordingly.

Understanding the Church Growth Calculator

Enter the Church Growth Calculator, a tool designed specifically to simplify the task of calculating Church Growth. But what exactly is this calculator? The Church Growth Calculator is an instrument that uses key variables to determine the percentage growth of a church’s congregation.

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The variables used in this calculator include:

  1. Current Church Goers (CCG): The present number of attendees at the church.
  2. Previous Church Goers (PCG): The number of attendees at the church during the last period of measurement.
  3. Church Growth (CG): The percentage growth of the church’s congregation, calculated based on the CCG and PCG.

Church Growth Formula and Examples

The heart of the Church Growth Calculator is the Church Growth formula, which is as follows:

CG = (CCG – PCG) / PCG * 100

This formula provides the percentage change in church attendance, indicating the growth or decline of the congregation.

Let’s take an example to better understand how this formula works. Suppose the current number of churchgoers is 79, and the previous number of churchgoers was 60. Here’s how we’d apply the Church Growth formula:

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Church Growth (%) = (79 – 60) / 60 * 100 = 31.67%

This means there has been a 31.67% growth in the number of churchgoers.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the Calculator is quite straightforward:

  1. Input the current number of church goers in the ‘Current Church Goers’ field.
  2. Input the previous number of church goers in the ‘Previous Church Goers’ field.
  3. Click the ‘Calculate’ button. The calculator will automatically compute and display the Church Growth percentage.

Applications of the Church Growth Calculator

The Church Growth Calculator serves as a valuable asset for various individuals and groups. For pastors and church administrators, it provides a simple way to track the change in church attendance. This can help in identifying trends, facilitating strategic planning, and assessing the effectiveness of outreach and evangelism efforts.

For church members, it offers a tangible way to gauge the health and vibrancy of their congregation. They can use this information to better understand how their church is performing and where improvements might be needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the number of churchgoers decreases?

The Church Growth Calculator will give a negative result, indicating a decrease in the number of churchgoers.

How often should I calculate Church Growth?

The frequency depends on your church’s needs. It could be beneficial to calculate it monthly to quickly identify and respond to trends. However, for smaller congregations or those with less frequent changes, quarterly or yearly calculations may suffice


The Church Growth Calculator is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in church administration. With this calculator, you can easily obtain clear, quantitative insights into your congregation’s growth. This will empower you to make informed decisions and enact strategies that foster a thriving church community.

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