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Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator Online

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Efficiently operating vibrating screens can have a significant impact on a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and agriculture. Calculating the capacity of a vibrating screen is a crucial aspect of optimizing operations. Hence, understanding the Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator can be highly beneficial.


A Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator is an online tool used to determine the maximum quantity of material that a vibrating screen can process within a specific time frame. It provides the capacity in terms of tons per hour, helping businesses optimize their operations.

Working of the Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator

The Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator calculates capacity using various parameters including effective screening area, vibration frequency, stroke length, and vibration cycle time. The effective screening area and stroke length refer to physical measurements of the screen, while the vibration frequency and cycle time are related to its operation.

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The Calculation Formula and Variable Description

The formula used in the Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator is Q = A * V * (S/T), where Q denotes capacity, A is the effective screening area, V refers to vibration frequency, S is the stroke length, and T signifies the vibration cycle time. Each parameter plays a critical role in determining the screen's operational efficiency.


Let's assume we have a vibrating screen with an effective area of 20 sq ft, vibration frequency of 1200 RPM, stroke length of 2 inches, and a vibration cycle time of 0.5 seconds. When input into the calculator, it yields a capacity of 48,000 tons/hour.



In mining, the Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator assists in optimizing mineral processing by determining the maximum capacity of the vibrating screens, helping to prevent wastage and improve efficiency.

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In construction, the calculator aids in determining the volume of material that can be screened in a specific time, helping in planning and resource allocation.


In agriculture, it helps in gauging the efficiency of screens used for grading and separating farm produce, thereby optimizing operations.

Most Common FAQs

What is the significance of vibration frequency in the calculator?

Vibration frequency is crucial as it directly impacts the screen's effectiveness in separating materials. A higher frequency allows faster movement and better separation, increasing the screen's capacity.


The Vibrating Screen Capacity Calculator is a practical tool that can drastically enhance the efficiency of vibrating screens across various industries. By accurately calculating the capacity, businesses can optimize their operations, saving both time and resources.

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