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Torque Wrench with Extension Calculator Online

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The Torque Wrench with Extension Calculator is a tool designed to help users adjust the torque setting on their torque wrench when an extension is used. This adjustment ensures that the actual torque applied to the nut or bolt matches the desired torque, maintaining the integrity of the fastened components.

Formula of Torque Wrench with Extension Calculator

To adjust the torque setting correctly, the calculator uses the following formula:

M1 = M2 x L1 / L2


  • M1 is the torque setting of the wrench (what you set the wrench to)
  • M2 is the actual torque applied to the nut (what you want to achieve)
  • L1 is the normal length of the wrench (without the extension)
  • L2 is the extended length of the wrench (length of the wrench + length of the extension)
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Table for General Terms and Pre-Calculated Values

For convenience, here is a table of common torque settings and their adjusted values when using a standard extension. This table serves as a quick reference to apply the correct torque without needing to calculate each time manually.

Desired Torque (M2)Extension LengthAdjusted Wrench Setting (M1)
100 Nm5 cm105 Nm
200 Nm10 cm220 Nm
300 Nm15 cm345 Nm

Example of Torque Wrench with Extension Calculator

Let’s consider you need to apply 100 Nm of torque to a bolt, but you’re using a 5 cm extension on your torque wrench. Using the formula:

M1 = 100 Nm x (Original Length + 5 cm) / Original Length

Assuming the original length of the wrench is 30 cm, the adjust setting (M1) would be calculate as follows to ensure the correct torque application.

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Most Common FAQs

Q1: Why is it important to adjust torque when using an extension?

A1: Using an extension changes the leverage and can alter the actual torque applied. Adjusting ensures accuracy.

Q2: Can this calculator be use for any torque wrench?

A2: Yes, it can be use with any torque wrench, provide you know the wrench’s length and the extension length.

Q3: How can I ensure the accuracy of the calculator?

A3: Always double-check the input values for wrench and extension lengths, and consult the manual of your torque wrench for any specific recommendations.

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