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Kelly Pipe Calculator Online

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Calculators play an instrumental role in various industries, making complex calculations more manageable. One such specialized tool, a vital asset to the oil and gas industry, is the Kelly Pipe Calculator.


The Kelly Pipe Calculator is a numerical tool that accurately calculates the weight of a pipe based on its dimensions and material density. This calculator helps engineers and field workers to estimate the weight of pipes to maintain safety and efficiency in operations.

Understanding the Kelly Pipe Calculator

The Kelly Pipe Calculator operates on an easy-to-understand principle. Users input key data points, including the pipe’s outer diameter, wall thickness, length, and material density. After inputting these values, the calculator processes this information to provide an accurate weight measurement of the pipe.

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Calculation Formula and Variables

The calculation formula for the Kelly Pipe Calculator is as follows:

Weight = (Outer Diameter – Wall Thickness) × Wall Thickness × Length × Density

Each of the variables plays a specific role. The Outer Diameter and Wall Thickness provide the physical dimensions of the pipe, the Length gives the total measurement of the pipe, and the Density offers the specific weight of the pipe material per cubic meter.

Practical Example of Using Kelly Pipe Calculator

Let’s take an example: If we have a pipe with an outer diameter of 2m, a wall thickness of 0.1m, a length of 10m, and the density of the pipe material is 7850 kg/m³, we can input these values into the Kelly Pipe Calculator to find the weight of the pipe.

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Applications of Kelly Pipe Calculator

  • In the Oil and Gas Industry: The Kelly Pipe Calculator is primarily used in the oil and gas industry to calculate pipe weight. Accurate weight measurements are crucial for safe operations.
  • In the Construction Industry: This tool can also aid in the construction industry where large pipes are frequently used.
  • In Water Management: Additionally, it is beneficial for water management systems, ensuring pipes can withstand water flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In which industries are the Kelly Pipe Calculator most beneficial?

The Kelly Pipe Calculator is particularly beneficial in industries that handle heavy pipe material, such as the oil and gas industry, the construction industry, and water management systems.


The Kelly Pipe Calculator, categorized under the Engineering Calculator tools, has proven to be an essential tool in various industries. This unique calculator takes specific data inputs and outputs accurate weight measurements. As industries grow and calculations become more complex, the need for specialized tools like the Kelly Pipe Calculator will continue to rise.

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