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Evaporative Cooler Performance Calculator Online

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In the realm of climate control, evaporative coolers are an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to regulate temperatures, particularly in dry, hot climates. Understanding the performance of these coolers is crucial for optimal utilization, and that’s where an evaporative cooler performance calculator plays an indispensable role.


An Evaporative Cooler Performance Calculator is a specialized tool designed to estimate the effectiveness of evaporative cooling systems. It uses specific parameters like dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature, and the wet-bulb temperature of the wet-bulb depression to determine the cooling effectiveness of the system, which directly impacts its efficiency.

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Understanding the Working of Calculator

In the core of this calculator is a fundamental thermodynamic formula. It takes into consideration the dry-bulb temperature, which is the ambient air temperature, the wet-bulb temperature, a measure of atmospheric moisture, and the wet-bulb temperature of the wet-bulb depression, which signifies the maximum cooling potential. The calculator processes these variables to deliver an output, demonstrating the evaporative cooler’s performance.

The Mathematical Formula Behind the Calculator

The formula used by the Evaporative Cooler Performance Calculator is simple yet effective: E = (Tdb – Twb) / (Tdb – Twbwb). Here, ‘E’ represents the evaporative cooling effectiveness. ‘Tdb’ is the dry-bulb temperature, ‘Twb’ the wet-bulb temperature, and ‘Twbwb’ is the wet-bulb temperature of the wet-bulb depression. All these temperatures are typically measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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An Illustrative Example

To illustrate, let’s say the dry-bulb temperature (Tdb) is 35°C, the wet-bulb temperature (Twb) is 25°C, and the wet-bulb temperature of the wet-bulb depression (Twbwb) is 20°C. Using the formula, the evaporative cooling effectiveness (E) comes out to be 0.66, meaning the cooler is 66% effective.

Practical Applications

The Evaporative Cooler Performance Calculator finds application in various sectors. These include:

  1. HVAC Systems: Professionals use it to assess the performance of coolers in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  2. Industrial Cooling: It helps estimate the efficiency of coolers used in large-scale industrial applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ideal performance effectiveness for an evaporative cooler?
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The ideal effectiveness of an evaporative cooler depends on several factors, including the specific environment and humidity levels. However, a higher effectiveness value generally signifies better performance.

Can I use the calculator for any type of evaporative cooler?

Yes, the Evaporative Cooler Performance Calculator can be used for any type of evaporative cooler, as it uses universal variables such as dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures.


Understanding the performance of your evaporative cooler is key to energy efficiency and optimal temperature control. The Evaporative Cooler Performance Calculator, with its simple yet powerful formula, is an invaluable tool for homeowners, HVAC professionals, and industrial workers alike.

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