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Chimney Liner Size Calculator Online

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Chimneys form a vital component of home heating systems. Their correct sizing and maintenance contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of a fireplace. Our Chimney Liner Size Calculator is a user-friendly tool that simplifies this often complex process, calculating the accurate liner size based on the dimensions of your fireplace.


A Chimney Liner Size Calculator is a specialized tool designed to determine the appropriate size for a chimney liner. It is based on the premise that an accurately sized liner ensures the efficiency and safety of your fireplace. The calculator takes into account the width and height of your fireplace opening, applying a specific formula to derive the suitable chimney liner size.

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How Does the Calculator Work?

Our calculator operates based on the relationship between the dimensions of your fireplace opening and the necessary chimney liner size. By inputting the width and height of the fireplace opening in inches, the calculator uses these figures to perform an automated computation. It follows a formula dividing the product of width and height by 12 to yield the required chimney liner size in square inches.

The Formula Explained

The formula that our Chimney Liner Size Calculator utilizes is: Chimney Liner Size (in square inches) = Fireplace Opening Width (in inches) × Fireplace Opening Height (in inches) ÷ 12.

In this formula, the ‘Fireplace Opening Width’ refers to the breadth of the fireplace opening in inches, and the ‘Fireplace Opening Height’ represents its height, also measured in inches. The result is the necessary size of the chimney liner expressed in square inches, facilitating optimal fireplace functioning.

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Practical Example

For instance, if your fireplace opening width is 48 inches and the height is 36 inches, the calculator will perform the calculation: (48*36)/12. This yields a chimney liner size of 144 square inches.


Fireplace Efficiency

The right liner size ensures efficient fireplace performance, minimizing fuel wastage.


It significantly reduces the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Properly sized chimney liners extend the lifespan of your chimney, reducing maintenance costs over time.


Q: Is there any cost to use the Chimney Liner Size Calculator?

A: No, the calculator is a free tool provided for the benefit of homeowners and professionals alike.


The Calculator is an indispensable tool for every homeowner or professional aiming to optimize the performance and safety of their fireplace. By delivering accurate sizing results based on fireplace dimensions, it enables users to ensure their chimney liner’s efficiency and longevity, contributing to a safer, warmer, and more enjoyable home environment.

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