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Accurpress Tonnage Calculator Online

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The process of bending metal is more sophisticated than it seems. Precise calculations are crucial to ensure efficiency and accuracy, and that’s where tools like the Accurpress Tonnage Calculator come in. This article will explore how it works, its applications, and much more.


The Accurpress Tonnage Calculator is an instrumental tool that assists operators in determining the required tonnage for a specific bending operation. It belongs to the category of industrial process calculators.

How does the Calculator Work?

This calculator operates by using a specific formula that incorporates various variables including material thickness, bending length, and a factor known as the “K-factor”. The K-factor represents the ratio between the neutral axis and the material thickness.

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The Tonnage Calculation Formula and Variables

The formula the Calculator uses is as follows:

Tonnage = (K-factor x Material Thickness x Bending Length) / 25.4.

Each variable plays a crucial role. Tonnage, of course, is the required tonnage for the bending operation. The K-factor depends on the material being bent, material thickness refers to the thickness of the material being bent, and bending length is the length of the bend in the material.

Example of Calculation

Let’s illustrate with an example: If we have a K-factor of 0.5, material thickness of 10mm, and bending length of 500mm, the calculation would be: (0.5 x 10 x 500) / 25.4 = 98.43 tons.

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Construction Industry

The calculator is widely used in the construction industry where metal bending is a frequent requirement.

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry also makes extensive use of this tool, particularly in bodywork and chassis creation.

Most Common FAQs

What is the K-factor in the Accurpress Tonnage Calculator?

The K-factor represents the ratio between the neutral axis and the material thickness. It varies depending on the material being bent.

How is material thickness measured in the Accurpress Tonnage Calculator?

Material thickness in the Accurpress Tonnage Calculator is measured in millimeters.


Understanding the operation and application of the Accurpress Tonnage Calculator is beneficial for anyone involved in industries that require metal bending. The precision and ease it offers makes it an invaluable tool in the manufacturing sector.

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