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Pneumothorax Calculator Online

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Pneumothorax, commonly known as a collapsed lung, is a health condition that requires urgent attention and accurate assessment. A key component of this assessment is determining the size of the pneumothorax. That’s where our Pneumothorax Calculator comes into play.

Definition of Pneumothorax

A pneumothorax occurs when air invades the space between the lung and the chest wall, causing the lung to collapse partially or entirely. This condition can be caused by injury or may occur spontaneously. It’s critical to determine the extent of a pneumothorax for appropriate treatment planning.

How the Pneumothorax Calculator Works

Our pneumothorax calculator uses the widely accepted Collins formula to estimate the size of a pneumothorax. It requires two inputs: the longest perpendicular line from the apex of the lung to the pleural line (X), and the distance from the apex of the lung to the diaphragm (Y). Both are measured in centimeters.

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The Collins Formula Explained

The Collins formula for calculating the size of a pneumothorax is as follows: Size of pneumothorax (%) = 3 * (X/Y-1)² * 100. This equation takes into account the essential variables in determining the size of a pneumothorax, giving a percentage that represents the relative size of the pneumothorax compared to the total lung volume.

Example of Using the Pneumothorax Calculator

Let’s consider an example where X = 10cm and Y = 30cm. After inputting these values into our calculator, it processes the numbers using the Collins formula and outputs the size of the pneumothorax, allowing medical professionals to plan the treatment accordingly.

Applications of the Pneumothorax Calculator

Medical Use

The primary application of the pneumothorax calculator is in the medical field. It assists healthcare professionals in rapidly and accurately determining the size of a pneumothorax, aiding in urgent treatment decisions.

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Educational Use

The calculator can also be an effective tool in educational settings, helping students understand the correlation between the measurements and the size of a pneumothorax.

Most Common FAQs About the Pneumothorax Calculator

Q1: How accurate is the Pneumothorax Calculator?

The calculator is highly accurate when the inputs are correct, as it uses the well-established Collins formula. However, always refer to a medical professional for advice.

Q2: Can anyone use the Pneumothorax Calculator?

Yes, anyone can use the calculator. However, it’s primarily designed for use by healthcare professionals who can accurately measure the required inputs.

Q3: What are the X and Y values in the pneumothorax calculator?
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The X value represents the longest perpendicular line from the apex of the lung to the pleural line, and the Y value represents the distance from the apex of the lung to the diaphragm. Both are measured in centimeters.


In the fight against pneumothorax, every second counts. Our pneumothorax calculator is a vital tool for medical professionals, providing a quick and accurate way to assess the size of a pneumothorax. By leveraging technology, we can enhance patient care and save lives.

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