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Dragon City Food Calculator Online

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Dragon City, a popular game that allows players to breed, raise and train dragons, requires strategic resource allocation, particularly with food. Having a Dragon City Food Calculator is vital to achieve your gaming goals without wasting resources.

Definition of Dragon City Food Calculator

A Dragon City Food Calculator is a tool designed to help players estimate the amount of food needed to level up their dragons. The calculator uses an algorithm based on the game’s food consumption pattern, providing players with a precise estimate of the food required to progress.

Explanation of the Calculator's Working

The Dragon City Food Calculator works by taking the current and target levels of your dragon as inputs. The calculator then processes these values using the predefined formula, resulting in the total food needed to reach the target level from the current level.

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Formula and Variables Description

The formula employed by the calculator is as follows:

Food needed = (Target level * (Target level + 1) * 100) - (Current level * (Current level + 1) * 100).

The 'Current Level' variable refers to your dragon's current level, while the 'Target Level' variable pertains to the level you aim for your dragon to reach.

Example Calculation

For instance, if your dragon is currently at level 10, and you wish to upgrade it to level 15, the food needed will be calculated as follows: Food needed = (15 * (15 + 1) * 100) - (10 * (10 + 1) * 100).

Applications Strategic Gameplay

Dragon City Food Calculator helps players to strategize their gameplay by providing them with the knowledge of how much food they need to level up their dragons.

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Efficient Resource Allocation

The tool enables players to allocate their food resources efficiently, preventing waste. Accurate Planning

The calculator also assists in planning, helping gamers to make informed decisions about their next steps in the game.


What is a Dragon City Food Calculator?

It's a tool that estimates the amount of food needed to level up dragons in Dragon City.

How does the Dragon City Food Calculator work?

The calculator takes the current and target levels of your dragon as inputs and calculates the food needed based on a formula.


The Dragon City Food Calculator is an invaluable tool for players to succeed in Dragon City. By providing precise estimates of food required to level up dragons, it aids in strategic gameplay, resource allocation, and accurate planning, thereby enhancing your overall gaming experience.

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