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Tanzanite Value Calculator Online

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The Tanzanite Value Calculator serves as a pivotal tool in estimating the monetary worth of Tanzanite gemstones. Its primary function lies in calculating the Tanzanite’s value in USD based on two key parameters: Carat Weight and Price per Carat. The formula for determining Tanzanite Value (in USD) is straightforward:

Tanzanite Value (in USD) = Carat Weight (in carats) × Price per Carat (in USD per carat)

The Price per Carat varies according to the Tanzanite’s color grade:

  • AAA+ (Exceptional Color) commands $425 per carat
  • AAA (Vivid Color) values at $300 per carat
  • AAA-AA (Intense Color) holds a price of $260 per carat
  • AA (Moderate Color) stands at $220 per carat
  • A (Light Color) values at $150 per carat
  • Pale Tanzanite is priced at $100 per carat
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Table of General Terms:

Color GradePrice per Carat (USD)

This table simplifies the evaluation process for individuals seeking quick estimations without repetitive calculations.

Example of Tanzanite Value Calculator

Consider a Tanzanite gem weighing 2.5 carats with a color grade of AAA. Using the Tanzanite Value Calculator: Tanzanite Value (in USD) = 2.5 carats × $300 per carat = $750

Most Common FAQs:

Q: What is the significance of Tanzanite’s color grade in determining its value?

A: Tanzanite’s color grade directly influences its price per carat, with exceptional colors commanding higher values.

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