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Single Room Supplement Calculator Online

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When planning a trip, whether for business or leisure, deciding where to stay is always a crucial factor. Hotel prices often advertise a “per person” rate based on double occupancy. But what if you prefer the comfort and privacy of a single room? This is where the Single Room Supplement (SRS) comes into play.

What is a Single Room Supplement?

In the travel and hospitality industry, hotels usually price their rooms assuming double occupancy. However, if you wish to stay alone in a room intended for two, you’ll be asked to pay a Single Room Supplement. This extra charge covers the potential loss the hotel incurs because they could have sold the room to two people instead of one.

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How to Use the Single Room Supplement Calculator?

The Single Room Supplement Calculator is an intuitive tool designed to help you estimate the total cost for a single room, factoring in the additional supplement.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Enter the shared room price per person. This is the price you’d pay if you shared the room with another person.
  2. Enter the single supplement. This is the additional charge for using the room as a single occupant.
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will add the shared room price and the single supplement to give you the total cost for a single room.

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The formula used in the Single Room Supplement Calculator is straightforward:

Single Room Price = Shared Room Price + Single Supplement


Let’s consider an example where the shared room price is $80 and the single supplement is $30.

Using the formula, we can calculate the single room price as:

Single Room Price = $80 + $30 = $110

So, for a single room, you would need to pay $110.


The Single Room Supplement Calculator is an essential tool for solo travellers, providing transparency about the true cost of a hotel room. With its help, you can budget more accurately for your next trip and avoid any unexpected costs. Plan your stay in comfort and enjoy your personal space without worrying about the bill.

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