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Quota Attainment Calculator Online

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The Quota Attainment Calculator is a valuable tool used in sales management to assess the performance of sales teams or individuals. It helps determine the extent to which actual sales have met or exceeded the predetermined sales targets, known as quotas. By inputting the total sales achieved and the set quota, the calculator quickly computes the quota attainment percentage, providing insights into sales effectiveness and goal achievement.

Formula of Quota Attainment Calculator

The formula used in the Quota Attainment Calculator is straightforward:

Quota Attainment (%) = (Actual Sales / Quota) * 100


  • Actual Sales represents the total sales achieved within a specific timeframe.
  • Quota denotes the target or quota set for sales during the same period.
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Table of General Terms

Actual SalesThe total volume or value of sales achieved.
QuotaThe predetermined target or goal set for sales.
Quota AttainmentThe percentage of how much the actual sales meet the quota.

Example of Quota Attainment Calculator

Suppose a salesperson has a quota of $10,000 for the month, and they achieve total sales of $12,500. To calculate their quota attainment:

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Quota Attainment (%) = ($12,500 / $10,000) * 100 = 125%

This indicates that the salesperson has exceeded their quota by 25%.

Most Common FAQs

2. Why is quota attainment important?

Quota attainment is crucial for evaluating sales performance and ensuring alignment with organizational goals. It provides insights into the effectiveness of sales strategies and helps identify areas for improvement.

3. Can the Quota Calculator handle multiple salespersons or teams?

Yes, the Quota Calculator can be used to assess the performance of individual salespersons or entire sales teams. Simply input the relevant sales data for each entity to calculate their respective quota attainment percentages.

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