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Habitat For Humanity Mortgage Calculator Online

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If you’ve ever explored the prospect of owning a home through Habitat for Humanity, you might be familiar with their unique approach to mortgage. Unlike traditional home loans, Habitat for Humanity offers a 0% interest mortgage to the families they partner with. This makes calculating monthly payments slightly different from your usual mortgage calculations. A Habitat for Humanity Mortgage Calculator is designed specifically to handle this unique case. Let’s explore how it works.

The Mortgage Calculation Formula

Traditional mortgage calculation can get complicated due to factors such as interest rate and the type of the mortgage. However, Habitat for Humanity’s mortgages come with a 0% interest, simplifying the process significantly. The formula for monthly payment calculation boils down to:

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Monthly Payment = Principle Amount / (Mortgage Term in Years * 12)

In this equation:

  • Principle Amount is the total loan amount you need to pay off.
  • Mortgage Term is the duration of the loan in years.

The denominator (Mortgage Term in Years * 12) calculates the total number of months for which you need to make payments.

Working of the Habitat for Humanity Mortgage Calculator

Here’s a simple example to illustrate how the calculator works:

  1. Input Principle Amount: The user begins by entering the principal amount of the mortgage. Let’s assume it is $60,000.
  2. Input Mortgage Term: Next, the user inputs the term of the mortgage. Let’s assume it’s 15 years.
  3. Calculate: When the user clicks on the ‘Calculate’ button, the calculator takes the input values and applies the formula mentioned above. Here it would calculate $60,000 / (15 * 12) = $333.33.
  4. Display Result: The calculator then displays this result as the monthly payment.
  5. Reset: The calculator also includes a ‘Reset’ button, which, when clicked, clears all the input and output fields, allowing the user to start over.
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The code responsible for these calculations is written in JavaScript and attached to the ‘Calculate’ button as an event listener. Similarly, the code to reset the calculator is tied to the ‘Reset’ button.


A Habitat for Humanity Mortgage Calculator, as described, offers an easy and accurate way to determine monthly mortgage payments. With its user-friendly interface, it can be a valuable tool for those exploring home ownership through Habitat for Humanity.

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