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Bim Price Calculator Online

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In the realm of construction and design, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is no longer an emerging concept; rather, it's a standard that most projects adhere to. But how do we quantify the cost associated with creating BIM for a project? The answer lies in the use of a BIM price calculator.

Definition of BIM Price

BIM Price refers to the total cost incurred for generating and managing the Building Information Model of a construction project. This price is often determined by several factors such as the size of the project, the complexity level, and the rate charged per square foot.

Working of the BIM Price Calculator

A BIM price calculator is a convenient tool that uses key project metrics to estimate the cost of creating a Building Information Model. By inputting the project size in square feet and the complexity level (on a scale of 1 to 5), the calculator outputs the estimated BIM price. It is a modern, easy-to-use, and accurate tool for preliminary cost estimation.

Formula for BIM Price Calculation and Variable Description

The formula used in the BIM price calculator is straightforward. The BIM price is the product of the project size, the complexity level, and a set cost rate per square foot per complexity level. The project size is measured in square feet, while the complexity level is a subjective rating that should be between 1 (simplest) and 5 (most complex).

Example of BIM Price Calculation

Consider a project size of 1000 square feet with a complexity level of 3. Assuming the rate is $10 per square foot per complexity level, the BIM price calculation would be: 1000 * 3 * $10 = $30,000. This implies that the BIM price for a moderately complex project of this size would be around $30,000.

Applications of BIM Price Calculator

The BIM price calculator finds its application in several areas:

  1. Preliminary Project Estimation: The calculator can provide an initial estimate of the BIM costs associated with a project.
  2. Cost Comparison: It allows clients to compare the BIM costs between different projects or scenarios.

Most Common FAQs

Can the BIM price calculator be used for all project sizes?

Yes, the BIM price calculator can accommodate all project sizes. However, for very large projects, it's advisable to seek professional estimation for more precise results.

How is the complexity level determined?

The complexity level is a subjective measure determined by factors such as the project's architectural design, structural complexity, MEP requirements, and more.


In the world of construction where BIM is increasingly becoming a norm, a BIM price calculator serves as a valuable tool. It provides an instant estimate of the BIM costs associated with a project, helping in cost planning and decision-making.

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