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Assessable Value Calculator Online

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When it comes to dealing with various financial aspects, calculating the assessable value is crucial. The Assessable Value Calculator is an efficient tool designed to facilitate the process of determining this vital financial figure.

What is the Assessable Value?

The assessable value is a figure used in the customs valuation system, specifically for imported goods. This value is crucial as it forms the basis for the calculation of the customs duty. It is typically calculated by adding the cost of goods, insurance, and freight, often referred to as CIF.

How the Assessable Value Calculator Works

The Assessable Value Calculator uses a simple formula to calculate the assessable value:

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Assessable Value = Cost of Goods + Insurance + Freight

With our calculator, all you have to do is input the values of these three variables, and it will instantly provide you with the assessable value.

Using the Calculator

Step 1

Input the cost of goods into the calculator. This value represents the total cost to purchase the goods in question.

Step 2

Enter the cost of insurance. This figure is the amount paid to insure the goods during transit.

Step 3

Input the freight value. This figure is the total cost to physically transport the goods from one place to another.

Step 4

Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to generate the assessable value.

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Let’s say you purchased goods worth $1000, paid $50 for insurance, and $150 for freight. Here’s how you would calculate the assessable value:

Assessable Value = Cost of Goods + Insurance + Freight = $1000 + $50 + $150 = $1200

So, the assessable value of the goods would be $1200.


The Assessable Value Calculator is a highly beneficial tool for any individual or business dealing with imported goods. It streamlines the process of calculating the assessable value and allows for more efficient and accurate customs duty calculations.

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