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Victron Peukert Calculator Online

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Victron Peukert Calculator

The Victron Peukert Calculator is a vital tool used in assessing a battery's capacity based on various parameters. Understanding how this calculator works can significantly aid in optimizing battery performance and determining its capabilities accurately.

Formula of Victron Peukert Calculator

The Victron Peukert Calculator utilizes the following formula to compute the capacity (Ah) of a battery:

Capacity(Ah) = I × (T / ((V^P) × K))


  • Capacity (Ah) represents the battery's capacity in Ampere-hours (Ah).
  • I stands for the discharge current in Amperes (A).
  • T signifies the discharge time in hours (h).
  • V denotes the battery's nominal voltage in Volts (V).
  • P represents the Peukert exponent, a dimensionless constant typically between 1.0 and 1.3 for lead-acid batteries.
  • K is a constant factor derived from the specific battery chemistry and manufacturer's data.
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Understanding each variable's significance within this formula is crucial in accurately evaluating a battery's performance under different conditions.

Table of General Terms

For the convenience of users, below is a table summarizing common terms associated with the Victron Peukert Calculator. This table provides valuable insights into various battery-related terms, simplifying calculations and aiding in better comprehension.

Capacity (Ah)Battery's stored energy capacity in Ampere-hours
Discharge CurrentCurrent flowing from the battery during discharge in Amperes
Discharge TimeDuration for which the battery can deliver a specified discharge current
Nominal VoltageBattery's specified voltage under standard operating conditions
Peukert ExponentDimensionless constant affecting the battery's capacity with discharge
Constant Factor (K)Battery chemistry-based constant

Example of Victron Peukert Calculator

Let's consider an example scenario to illustrate the practical use of the Peukert Calculator:

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Suppose we have a lead-acid battery with a nominal voltage of 12 volts, a discharge current of 10 amperes, a discharge time of 5 hours, and a Peukert exponent of 1.2. Using the formula, we can calculate the battery's capacity in Ampere-hours.

Capacity (Ah)=10 × (5 / (121.2K​)

This calculated value will help determine the battery's performance and its capacity under the specified conditions.

Most Common FAQs

Q: What is the significance of the Peukert exponent in battery calculations?

A: The Peukert exponent affects how a battery's capacity is influenced by varying discharge rates. A higher Peukert exponent signifies a more rapid capacity reduction as the discharge rate increases.

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Q: Can the Victron Peukert Calculator be used for different types of batteries?

A: While primarily designed for lead-acid batteries, the Peukert formula can offer insights into other battery types' performances with appropriate adjustments considering their specific characteristics.

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